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Buying live lobsters can be an intimidating job, but subsequent to comprehension this guide, you will understand how easy it is!

Live Lobsters

I am in no doubt the majority of you have seen the lobster tanks in your neighborhood grocery store or seafood market, but are you familiar terms with what to look for when you are buying one of them? The most widespread type of lobster you will come across is the Maine Lobster. Ask the fish monger to let you embrace the lobster. A large amount of places will let you, but if they do not, you do not want to buy from that place anyways. You want to look for a lobster that is very full of life. The more they move about around, the in good health. The lobsters that appear sluggish may be close to being on its last legs and that does not make for a good meal. When you hold the lobster, press the body. If the shell feels hard and have a flimsy feeling and does not give very much, you are holding a Hard-shell (lobsters that are more than a few months past their last molt). If it feels soft or has quite a bit of give, you have got a Soft-shell (lobsters that are recently molted). If you aren't sure, ask the fish monger and they will be able to tell you. Unless you live right up the street from where you are buying your lobsters, you should probably bring a cooler to bring them home. All of our lobsters are shipped in specially designed cooler boxes and are kept cold throughout the entire transit process.

Storing Live Lobsters

If you come home with Hard-shell lobsters, they can stay alive out of water for up to two days if set aside appropriately chilled. Soft-shells, alternatively, can only continue to exist a few hours out of water. That is why it is significant to know which type you have. If you are going to splurge the money for fresh live lobster, we would advocate that you have it delivered the same day you plan to cook them.

Either type of lobster you have, pile up them in your refrigerator on a baking sheet or something comparable. Do not worry about them running off, they don't travel well when they are out of the water.

Cooking Live Lobsters

While this web site discusses a lot of grilling lobsters, steaming and boiling are in all probability the two most widespread methods of cooking. In view of the fact that lobsters are cooked alive, you want to treat the lobsters as compassionately as possible. The easiest and cleanest way is to place your lobsters in the freezer for around 30 minutes prior to cooking them. They’ll effectively be having forty winks and will feel no pain when the cooking procedure begins.

Now it is time to cook the lobsters! Please glance through through our lobster recipes or follow our grilling lobster tails guide. Happy lobster dinner eating!

Grilling lobster tails and lobster tail recipes


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