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Gourmet Food Delivery in Chicago

    Salmon Dinner
    Starting at $29.99

    Meal Serves 2 or 4
    Best selling seafood dinner.

    Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Delivered

    A very tasty pasta dinner.

    Beef Stroganoff Meal
    Starting at $39.99

    Meal serves 1-2.
    This family style meal is sure to be a huge hit.

    Chicken Pot Pie - Comfort Food
    Reg. Price:
    Sale Price:
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    Serves 6
    Yummy Chicken Pot Pie for the whole Family!

    Gift Certificate - Send a Meal

    Free Same Day Delivery
    Can't decide - Let them choose.

    Prepared Beef Lasagna Delivered
    Starting at $29.99

    Serves 2 or 4
    Easy freezer-to-oven preparation

    Best Gluten Free Meal Delivery

    Gluten free meals for one.

    Low Sodium Meal Delivery
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    Each Meal Serves One
    Low sodium meal delivery

    Starting at $199.20

    Meal serves 2 or 4
    Perfect romanitc dinner.

    Live Lobster Delivered To
    Starting at $129.95

    Meal Serves 2
    A lobster dinner is the perfect gift for the lobster purist!

    Seafood Soup Sampler
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    3 different seafood soups.
    We have a seafood soup for any seafood lover!

    Seafood Tower Shipped
    Starting at $199.99

    4 LBS of High Quality Seafood
    Perfect for entertaining or as a gift!

    Paella Gift Set Delivered
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    Meal serves 4
    Send a Paella Gift

    Pierogi Delivery

    Serves 2 - 4
    The best Pierogis delivered.

    Meals or New Parents
    Starting at $69.95

    Free Same Day Delivery
    New parents need a night off.

    How does your meal delivery service work?

    • All meals and food products can be delivered to any location nationwide.
    • Each meal, with the exception of the live lobsters, is shipped frozen.
    • The meal(s) will still be frozen when received.
    • The meal(s) are shipped in specially designed cooler boxes with dry ice.
    • The dry ice comes in a specially designed plastic packaging that is easy to handle, and contains handling instructions and warning labels.
    • All of meals are very simple to prepare.
    • Each is fully cooked (except steaks) and only need to be reheated in a microwave or conventional oven.
    • Each meal selection will come with easy to follow cooking instructions.
    • NO membership fees, NO subscriptions and NO monthly billing. You are only charged for what you order. 

    There's no doubt our gourmet prepared meals are a definite hit with our Chicago customers. We have taken the question "What's for Dinner?" out of your busy or a needy families' lives. We offer what you and your family desire when it comes to prepared meals. Our star quality Chicago meal delivery service. Send a Meal, offerings have helped many in need of meal gifts for various occasions such as birthdays, sympathy food, anniversary, new home, new baby, get well dinners - just to name a tiny amount. Our prepared meal delivery makes your fast-paced lifestyle that much simpler. There is no easier way to send a meal in Chicago with gourmet quality, and with nutrition in mind - in minutes, and in the comfort of your own home!

    Our amazing and hard-to-believe list of menu options includes everything from fresh off the boat lobsters, juicy steak meals, home-cooked comfort foods, as well as elegant gourmet dining fair. Does a friend of family member in Chicago have a busy day planned? No fears! All of our prepared meals go from your freezer to your table in less than 30 minutes (except live lobsters of course)!

    The greatest part of all, our meals are delivered right to your front door. Simply order through our online store or call us toll-free 800-549-2120! Your order will be delivered in a reusable picnic-style cooler filled with plenty of dry ice that will keep your meals frozen when shipped all year round.

    Be assured that we use only the finest ingredients and recipes in all our prepared meal creations. We feature beef selections from world-famous Omaha steaks, fresh fish from around the world and delicious desserts. In addition to our meals designed for two, we also offer a variety of meals delivered for a four family of four.

    We accept Visa, Mastcard, American Express, Discover Card and PayPal. Plus your order is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    Welcome to our Chicago in home food delivery service... We provide the meals, you provide the happy celebration!