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Monday, January 31 2011

If your loved one is ill or on a diet for Valentine's Day the chances are that they won't relish an extravagant chocolate gift. A refreshing change would be to give him or her either a fruit edible arrangement or fruit edible baskets.These baskets normally contain seasonal organic fruit, in some cases the fruit is accompanied by nuts, gourmet cheese and other delectable edibles. They are a perfect way to give an individual a far healthier alternative. It is a great break from the regular high calorie chocolate candy and edible baskets are a nice alternative to flowers for someone with allergies.

If your loved one appears to have everything and trying to decide what to give them for a present is a nightmare, these gifts are practical and make excellent gifts for all occasions. If your partner is on a diet they will appreciate the support you give when you buy them a healthy edible arrangement and don't put temptation in their way. These gifts are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and also an ideal source of water, energy, fibre and sugar, all of which the body needs in abundance. The nutritional value of fruit plus the health benefits make edible baskets very appealing, another benefit is the absence of bad cholesterol so if you really care this is an excellent choice.

Show your Mum you care on Valentines Day by sending her one of the delicious edible baskets If she lives alone she will probably be even more bowled over by your thoughtfulness. However in these circumstances please be aware of he size of the contents.

Although a lovely gesture, a person living alone may not be able to consume huge quantities of fresh fruit before it spoils. In this case consider candies, a mixture of fruit with nuts, dried fruit, jars of fruit preserve and other foodstuff that have a longer shelf life. Be aware of any allergies that the recipient may have or foodstuff that they may find difficult to eat depending on her age and state of health.

If the apple of your eye is a student then a fruit edible arrangement or fruit edible baskets would be an ideal Valentines gift, these are a delicious way to show you care. Many students do not take the time to eat properly with part time jobs as well as Collage or University studies. Not having to prepare anything before eating it from fruit baskets, the chances are your gift will be well appreciated. You can show them your love and support and gain comfort in the knowledge that they are having something decent to eat.

Edible baskets are now more affordable than ever and with the internet, ordering your gift so it is delivered to the door of your loved one, takes no time at all and the choice of these items is endless you can choose from a variety of assortments and you are sure to find one to suit the tastes and likes of your recipient with no trouble at all. What can be nicer than shopping around from the comfort of your own home?

If you decide to prepare your own edible basket or edible arrangement consider giving edible baskets that use a creative container that the recipient can use after the contents have been consumed. Fruit edible baskets are amongst the oldest traditional gifts and they are extremely popular at any time. If you order online it can save you a great deal of stress and hassle and give you more time to spend on other things - Like enjoying yourself.

Jayne Waldorf has been an internet marketer for over four years.She lives in England with her husband and has two grown up sons.Her website provides year long gifts.

If you would like more details about edible baskets and delightful Valentine's gifts visit Waldorf Christmas today

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Thursday, January 27 2011

Holiday seasons are great for parties and get-togethers. To prevent difficult recipes and the dread of having to clean-up afterwards, finger foods are a great part of any celebration or gathering. If you are looking around for some ideas whether it be for Christmas, Thanksgivings, birthdays or weddings, the following recipes can add to your list of skilled appetizers.

Mini sandwiches

These are usually the most popular and can be made with all sorts of ingredients. The best thing about sandwiches are that they are easy to make as the bread can be easily and abundantly found at your local supermarket or bakery, no actual "cooking" is involved and you can mix and match ingredients to give the food a more attractive look and therefore more appealing to your guests.

You may decide to give your platter of sandwiches more appealing by making a mix of wholemeal bread as well as white bread. This also allows your guests to choose what they like. Not everyone like white bread and not everyone is fond of wholemeal bread.

Next you need to work on the choice of fillers. Once again you can choose from a vast variety of ingredients to make your sandwich platter fit in with the occasion. Include beetroot, lettuce, tomatoes, ham, chicken, cheese, eggs, avocado...and the list goes on.

Mini quiches

An all time favorite, you can't go wrong with these little tasteful pies. Like the sandwiches you can combine all types of ingredients to deliver the best tasting quiches to your guests. A little more work is required though to cook these, but quiche recipes are often simple and the oven does all the work.

Mini Pizzas

Along with the sandwiches and quiches, pizzas are another finger food that can deliver great taste to your guests. It is quite easy to buy the pizza base from your local supermarket. Your job would then be to decorate the pizzas in a way you desire. The ideas are limitless.

Cherries and Nuts - Glazed

This delightful mixture is great for those who are not really there to eat and just like to nibble on some foods through socializing. Firstly, you mix the sugar, corn syrup and water together on a stove until nicely melted and blended, then add some butter and vanilla extract. Once done you can pour this over the cherries and nuts in a small baking pan to be ovened. This can be then poured onto a cookie sheet, tamped down and baked.

These are just a few ideas and you can easily find the recipes for these dishes on the Internet or your favorite cookbooks. Finger food is always a good idea when you have friends over and allows you to show off your cooking skills.

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Wednesday, January 19 2011

When one thinks of their favorite cuisine, the top choices that would probably come to mind would be Italian, Japanese, American, and Asian cuisine. These are the major and most popular cuisines and they can be found in almost every country. While each country will have its own take or its own interpretation of the dishes, nothing beats authentic recipes. Italian cuisine is known all over the world and is enjoyed by people of all ages. While the kids love spaghetti, adults are enjoying serving after serving of ravioli and smooth Italian wine. The history of Italian cuisine is as colorful and rich as its flavor. One cannot have pasta and wine and not call it Italian cuisine - it is as distinctive and as popular as the country it originated from.

Italian cuisine is considered one of the oldest cuisines in the world. The current Italian menus and recipes have its roots from Roman and Greek cuisine. When tomatoes were initially grown in France, people began cooking up salsa de pomodoro. The recipe for pomodoro sauce nowadays is still almost exactly like the pomodoro sauce of the old years. The Italians pastas and noodles are believed to have been adapted by Italian merchants upon their travel to Asia. The travels of the locals to the Far East have introduced the use of spices and herbs to Italian cooking.

Pasta is the most common dish and is a staple in the Italian region. Made of durum wheat, it is one of the main sources of carbohydrates and fiber in their meals. Pizza also originated from Italy, although some may mistake it as an American dish. Italy also houses some of the most expansive vineyards in the world, making them one of the top producers of quality Italian wines.

Some cuisines are regional based. Milan is famous for their risotto, while Naples seems to have perfected the authentic Italian pizza recipe. Because of their geographical location, the coastal regions are heavy on their use of fish and seafood on their recipes. Sicily can be tasted with a bit of North African influence, while Umbria has western influence.

Italian cuisine has come a long way but its taste is truly distinct and exciting as ever before. During special occasions and celebrations, there comes Italian influence in one way or another. Whether serving tomato and mozzarella for appetizer, or having risotto on the second course, Italian influence can be felt no matter where you may be in the world. These menus are complete, healthy, and full of flavor. So next time you visit an Italian restaurant and get a taste of their gelato, tortellini or risotto, relish the rich history of Italy and its cuisine. Italians truly revere their heritage and it reflects in their homes, their lifestyle and in their cooking. The freshness of ingredients and not placing substitute ingredients in their recipes are what makes Italian cooking truly uncompromising. They will not settle for anything but the true Italian taste.

Criss White is a professional article writer for relationships, wedding, and various other topics. To view some Italian wedding favors or get other ideas forwedding favors, visit Bridal and Wedding Favors. Note: This article may be reprinted in your ezine, blog, or website as long as the credits remain intact and hyperlinks remain active.

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Tuesday, January 11 2011

Roasting a whole chicken can seem like a daunting task but this task can be easily and with great results in a matter of less than a couple of hours. You will need a meat thermometer and a baking sheet or a roasting pan (you may also want to use a roasting rack to catch the excess liquid that drips from the chicken while it roasts) for the best results with roasting a chicken. You can line your pan with aluminum foil for easy clean up.

You will need to begin by preheating your oven 350 degrees F (150 degrees C). Then, you will need to clean the chicken and remove the innards including the liver, neck and giblets which are usually located in the cavity of the chicken when purchased from the grocery store or any other markets. After the innards have been removed you will want to clean the chicken in your sink with cold water. Be sure to clean the area with disinfectant after you are done cleaning the chicken to ensure that you sink remains sanitary.

Next, you can season the chicken to your tasting before you put it in the preheated oven. If you would like a brown outside coat to your chicken, you may want to brush the skin with butter. This will brown the outside of the meat. You will roast the whole (thawed) chicken for about 20 minutes per pound of chicken and then add 15 minutes to the end of that for your total roasting time. This time is for chickens that are not stuffed with any stuffing. The timing is just an estimate. You will know when your chicken is done when the temperature inside the meat is 164 degrees F (74 degrees C). The best place to insert your thermometer is inside the thigh close to the bone, without touching the bone. You can remove the chicken from the oven but be sure to cover it with aluminum foil and let it rest for about 10 minutes before carving. This will allow the chickens natural juices to redistribute in the chicken and give the best flavor to your finished roasted chicken.

Once your chicken has rested you can carve and enjoy your roasted chicken.

Inspired from cuisines around the world, we offer the best chicken breast recipes, perfect for every occasion. Whether it is fried, broiled, grilled, sauteed, baked, or braised, chicken is the ideal choice. You'll find tips for cutting, handling, storing, and safe preparation. Find delicious chicken breast recipes for your next party, picnic, or family get together.

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Monday, January 10 2011

There are many ways today that you can get excellent organic food for low costs, one of the more popular now is with mail order organic food services. There are many great organic food shops that are showing up in larger cities around the world today. They are not always easy to get to and sometimes the cost versus the travel time simply does not make it a sensible choice for shopping needs. This is why so few people actually bother to get into the whole organic food movement.

With mail order organic produce services, you will be able to get excellent quality organic food and not have to worry about the travel time or the higher prices from the smaller stores trying to stay afloat.

Wide Selection

When it comes to mail order organic produce, you will be pleased to know that there is a wide selection of foods and food products to choose from. The websites that you purchase from are more like a large wholesale facility, rather than that of a small store. This means that you will most likely not have to shop at several different web locations to round out your entire shopping order. The website that is tied to the wholesale department of this type of service is usually associated with the farmer that offers the goods for sale. This means that you will pretty much have a direct link to the freshest goods possible. You will most likely not have to worry about looking for something specific and coming up short.

Whether it is fish or other meats, or produce and milk products you will be able to get what you need at a reasonable cost. All of your shopping will be done on line and electronically, so you will not have to flash cash around. You can pay via a credit card on a website that is very safe and secure to shop with.

Quick Shipping

One of the most important factors to shopping for mail order organic food is that the shipping of those purchased goods arrives at your home in a timely fashion. This is to avoid any spoilage of products that may be produce or perishable in nature. If you are dealing with time sensitive foods such as milk or frozen items, there is a few options that this type of service will offer in regards to shipping. You can go with an overnight air delivery, or you can look into the more costly yet faster same day service if it is available in your area.

Mail order organic food service is an excellent option for those that do not want to deal with the hassles of everyday shopping excursions. You will find great deals for everyday products online and this can help you make you money go further. This is an excellent way to get the most out of your shopping experience and this will prove to be the most sensible means of shopping you can find. Find the right site and delve into the world of online shopping for the foods you need. 
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Friday, January 07 2011

Trying to get more shut-eye? Take a look at your diet. Eating the right foods in the hours before you hit the hay may help you fall asleep faster, say experts, and even improve the quality of your sleep. Keep reading for your get-sleepy grocery list, and remember to stop noshing two hours before bedtime to give your body enough time to properly digest.


“Almonds are a winner,” says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, and author of the bestselling book From Fatigued to Fantastic! “They contain magnesium which promotes both sleep and muscle relaxation,” he says. “And they have the added benefit of supplying proteins that can help maintain a stable blood sugar level while sleeping, and help promote sleep by switching you from your alert adrenaline cycle to your rest-and-digest cycle.” Try this bedtime snack: Have a tablespoon of almond butter or a 1-ounce portion of almonds to help your body relax. 


Yes, avoiding all caffeine in the evening hours is key, but some decaf varieties can help get you into sleep mode, says Dr. Teitelbaum. “Chamomile tea is a very helpful and safe sleep aid,” he says, adding that green tea is another good choice. “Green tea contains theanine, which helps promote sleep. Just be sure you get a decaf green tea if drinking it at bedtime.” Experts recommend trying a 1-cup serving of the hot stuff. 

Miso Soup

You love to order this comforting, broth-based soup in Japanese restaurants, but keeping a few 8-ounce packs of instant miso soup at home may be key when you’re having trouble falling asleep, says Stella Metsovas, CN, a nutritionist in Laguna Beach, California. Here’s why: Miso contains amino acids that may boost the production of melatonin, a natural hormone that can help induce the yawns. Bonus: Research shows that warm liquids like soup and tea may also relieve cold symptoms, helping you sleep better when you're feeling under the weather.

Worried about falling asleep tonight? Have a banana before bed, says Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD, an internist and the author of Set Free to Live Free: Breaking Through the 7 Lies Women Tell Themselves. “Bananas are an excellent source of magnesium and potassium, which help to relax overstressed muscles. They also contain tryptophan, which convert to serotonin and melatonin, the brain’s key calming hormones." Try this tasty and incredibly simple bedtime smoothie: Blend one banana with one cup of milk or soy milk (and ice, if desired). Pour and enjoy!


Yogurt, milk and cheese do contain tryptophan, notes Dr. Dalton-Smith, but also have a surprising sleep-inducing nutrient: “Calcium is effective in stress reduction and stabilization of nerve fibers, including those in the brain." That means a serving of your favorite Greek yogurt before bed can not only help you sleep, but also help you stop worrying about the weird thing your boss said earlier at work. 


You eat it for breakfast, but could a bowl of warm oatmeal help you get more rest? Yes, says Stephan Dorlandt, a clinical nutritionist based in Southern California. “Think about it,” he says. “Oatmeal is warm,soft, soothing, easy to prepare, inexpensive and nourishing. It’s rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and potassium—the who's who of nutrients known to support sleep.” But go easy on the sweeteners; too much sugar before bed can have an anti-calming effect. Instead, consider topping your bowl with fruit, like bananas (see above). 

Hard-Cooked Egg

If you have trouble staying asleep at night, it may be because you didn’t eat a pre-bedtime snack high in protein, or perhaps your snack was too high in simple, high-sugar carbohydrates, like cake and candy. “The problem with simple carbs is that they can put you on a ‘sugar roller coaster’ and drop your blood sugar while you're sleeping, causing you to wake at 2 or 3 in the morning,” says Dr. Teitelbaum. A better bet? “Eat an egg, cheese, nuts or other protein-rich snack instead,” he says, “so you can not only fall asleep, but stay asleep.” 


Craving a salty snack before bed? Turn to lightly salted edamame, says Dr. Dalton-Smith—especially if you’re dealing with menopause-related symptoms. “The natural estrogen-like compounds found in soy-based products can be very beneficial in controlling those nighttime hot flashes that can disturb your sleep,” she says. If it’s crackers and dip you’re craving, try making this easy edamame recipe: In a food processor, blend together 2 cups of shelled, cooked edamame with 1 tsp salt, a drizzle of olive oil and 1 clove garlic (optional) until smooth. 


Oddly, a glass of cherry juice may be an effective way to fall asleep faster, says a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and University of Rochester. In their study, they found that cherries, particularly tart cherries, naturally boosted the body’s supply of melatonin, which helped people with insomnia. While the jury is still out on how much juice or how many cherries are needed to make you sleepy, experts say sipping a glass of cherry juice (available at most natural foods stores) or having a serving of fresh, frozen or dried cherries before bedtime couldn’t hurt. 


ere’s no need to feel guilty about having a small bowl of cereal before bed, especially if it’s a low-sugar, whole-grain cereal. Not only is it a healthy snack (make sure you top it with milk to give your body the protein it needs), but it may also help you snooze. “Complex carbohydrate–rich foods increase the availability of tryptophan in the bloodstream, increasing the sleep-inducing effects,” says Dr. Dalton-Smith. Bonus: Top your bowl with a sprinkling of dried cherries (see above) for extra help catching your zzz's. 

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Monday, January 03 2011

Indulge your taste buds with the extremely delicious snacks that are healthy too, thereby leaving you guilt free as well as satisfied. There are many mouthwatering snacks you can munch on without adding to your body mass. For vegans, dieting the Lundberg rice chips way could be a pleasing experience. The common ingredients of these chips include cornmeal, rice, wheat flour, reduced iron, sunflower, expeller pressed canola or corn oil, whey and buttermilk, aged cheddar cheese, dairy ingredients, and so on. These chips are trans fat free and include no added preservatives and no artificial sweeteners. Thus, they are quite healthy!

However, if you are on wheat free diet, you can choose the chips and other healthy snacks that do not contain the wheat. There are various gluten free products also for those willing to avoid gluten in any form. To ensure the success of your diet plan, various online snack warehouses now offer wheat free and gluten free snacks that you can enjoy anytime during the day. These products are excellent for snacking between meals or to satiate that 4 PM craving. The wheat free, gluten free and healthy snacks are gaining immense popularity among the "fitness freaks" these days. The biggest reason behind this growing popularity is that besides helping you stay in shape, these snacks come in various flavors to keep your taste buds happy.

Protein snacks are a great way to restore your energy even while you are on the go. If protein is the most important part of your fitness regimen then you may consider snacking on protein bars available in various mouthwatering flavors. You would surely love the unique taste of Bumble Bars that come with sesame, fruit and nuts. Enjoy snacking on the delicious brownie and peanut butter bars. The online snack warehouses let you take your pick from a vast selection of gluten free bars, all natural bars, organic bars, and other healthy snacking options. The incredibly tasty snacks also offered include chips, crackers, pretzels, puffed snacks, snack bars, fruit & nuts, jerky, and more.

Snack Warehouse features a range of all natural healthy snacks and Lundberg rice chips at great prices. Now you can enjoy your favorite Protein snacks, organic beef jerky and wheat free diet products without worrying about high prices.

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