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Friday, July 30 2010

Gourmet food by definition means high standard of quality, delicate preparation and artistic preparation. The word gourmet is of French origin which means wine broker employed by a wine dealer. Also, a gourmet is a person who is someone with discriminating taste. They are food experts who know the taste of good food as compared to a regular one.

While most people think that gourmet delicacies are exotic and rare, they think correctly. The ingredients are quite expensive because they are rare. But what really separate gourmet food from all other kinds of food is in the manner that it is prepared. A very close attention to detail and lots of care is needed in preparing gourmet. It might not taste that good but the manner it is presented is the most important thing. Some think that gourmet preparation is like a work of art. Lots of hard work, effort and imagination are spent in its preparation.

One more common definition that people think when you say gourmet is that gourmet foods are expensive. For some reason, this point maybe valid. When you cook something which has ingredients that are not common and often have high prices, you call it gourmet. Also, food bought in high-class restaurants that costs much can be thought of as gourmet because of its expensive nature.

Both definitions and understanding of gourmet food is valid. But what people forget is what gourmet is all about. Quality is what defines gourmet food. The quality of ingredients and the manner in which they are prepared is the most perfect definition to describe gourmet food. Basically, the finer ingredients the food requires, and the tedious preparation it takes, makes gourmet food much more expensive as compared to foods sold in the supermarket.

One misconception though is that gourmet food is not healthy and has lots of fattening ingredients. For some reason, it may be true but so are all the other foods not prepared the "gourmet way". On the contrary, with all the high quality ingredients present in gourmet food, it should be good for the health. You can see that example in buying fruits and vegetables which have poor quality; of course, they won't be good to your health because of its poor quality. That is simple logic.

For all the conversations and all the definitions that has been said about gourmet; bottom line is that it is still food. And let us not forget the real value of food in our lives; gourmet or not. Food will always be the essential thing that keeps everybody living. Without food, there will be no life on earth. So let us start valuing the food we have in our table daily. Let us not discuss whether it is gourmet or not; as long as there is food on the plate, everybody lives.

We should not discount its taste, appearance, smell or ingredients that are in it. Learn to appreciate the food that we receive. Most especially if it's gourmet food.

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Thursday, July 29 2010

Family dining is suggested by many researchers to have a great impact on a family's structure and function. It is thought that the act of sharing meals, especially at dinner time can aid relationships within the family. Although this task is not always easy to do today, studies show that it is worth making the time.

Eating with one's family used to be a routine event that was not even thought about that much. Now, with both parents within a household working full time jobs and children being involved in many extracurricular activities, it is not something that happens that often. Researchers of the topic believe that eating at least one meal with one's family each day is crucial to its well being. Family dining is something that people should make a priority in their lives.

Dinner time can be a time to focus on the day's events. This is probably the most suggested meal to have together. Families can discuss things going on at work, school, in sports, and anything else import. Studies show that children are more likely to talk to their parents about things bothering them if they have a close relationship. This closeness can be developed through conversation and routine.

Breakfast and lunch family dining is better than not eating with the family at any meal. Mornings are usually rushed, so the conversations may not be as in depth as a dinner time discussion. This is still better than not talking at all. Lunch is probably the hardest meal has with the entire family because of normal daily activities, but it is a great alternative on weekends. The point is to have contact with each other.

Time should be designated for family dining. Ideally this should be done daily, but researchers say that having just a few nights or days out of the week for this event is beneficially to the entire family. It is suggested as well that this helps relieved parental stress therefore is better for the marriage within the family.

No two families are alike. The schedules can be crazy, and the time can be limited. Family dining can be a hard thing to accomplish, but it is something that everyone should make a goal in their lives. The saying is a family that eats together stays together. That could be a good saying to hang in the dining room for everyone to read every day.

For family dining guide, visit JP Pepperdine now.

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Wednesday, July 28 2010

While many people are aware of the fact that Alaska is home to some of the world's best seafood, many are not aware just what that entails. Naturally, one will think right away of Alaska salmon or the King Crab, two species which are held in such high esteem all over the planet. However, it is the species which don't get all the press which actually nourish more people than these well-known treasures. Genuine Alaska pollock is the perfect example.

Did you know that when you bite into a fish sandwich or enjoy fish tacos that you are most likely eating Genuine Alaska pollock? Probably not, and the reason is that this fish is so plentiful that it doesn't have that same reputation. However, that doesn't take away from its inherent benefits. When you eat pollock, you are getting a fish that is high in protein, low in fat and one which delivers big flavor.

You will invariably be struck by how versatile this fish is. It isn't just served breaded and fried, as in fish sandwiches or in the ubiquitous fish sticks which so many people love. It is also served in filets as the type of fish which can stand on its own in any restaurant or dinner table. It shouldn't be confused with the pollock which comes from the Atlantic and has a much stronger flavor and different texture. The Genuine Alaska pollock is the mild, flavorful fish which flakes easily and goes well with just about anything.

Once you realize where it comes from and how it is caught, you will start to understand why it is the most consumed fish around the world. Even though there are strict limits on how much pollock can be caught every season, it has the benefits of living in Alaska's protected habitat. Because of the protection which is afforded these waters, you will not see the numbers going down or learn that your favorite fish sandwich is no longer available. The system at the world's largest fishery is a sound one, in everything from the way it is stored (once frozen) to the way it is shipped. Pollock from Alaska continues to have a bright future.

ASMI, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, has accurate, up to date information on the fish species off the coast of the most northern state.

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Tuesday, July 27 2010

The roast beef sandwich has seen countless versions, styles, and has all sorts of local revisions and flavors since the love of cold beef sandwiches made its way here from Britain. Chicago's version is the Italian beef.

The Italian beef is a Chicago staple. It is about as prevalent as the Chicago style hotdog around the city, mostly because you can find it served alongside the dogs at nearly every venue including the small corner vendors and carts.

The sandwich is said to have its origins in the Italian immigrants living in Chicago during the early 1900s. A great deal of Italians made their living in the Union Stock Yards in the meatpacking district of old Chicago. They would typically bring home the lower quality tougher cuts of meat that the packers didn't use. To make the meat more tender and edible they would slow roast the cuts in spices and herbs. Then, like any good Italian, they stuffed the thinly sliced beef into a fresh Italian baguette.

The real hallmark of the Italian beef is the way that it is served. A true Italian beef is made from cuts of beef from a sirloin butt or a top/bottom round. The beef is slow roasted in garlic, oregano and spices until it reaches medium rare or medium. The meat is cooled and then sliced deli-thin. Upon serving, the entire sandwich is dipped or double-dipped in the juices that escaped from the beef as it cooked. It seems fitting for the Italians to be the ones to make an all-in version of the French Dip, doesn't it?

Once you get your hands on a real Italian beef, you need to know how to eat one properly. With all that juice-soaked, chewy Italian bread and beef, things can get messy quick, so certain precautions need to be followed. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of your chair. Forget about it. Find a high counter somewhere, unwrap the sandwich and place it six inches from the edge of the counter.

Next, you need to loosen up. You've got a lot of beef in front of you just begging to be eaten, so step back from the counter a bit and shake it off. Prepare yourself mentally. Then, face the sandwich. Extend you arms in front of you, elbows down, palms up. Lean forward enough so that you can still comfortably hold yourself upright. Approach the counter carefully-carefully-until you make contact on the edge with your elbows. Spread your legs slightly so your elbows can act as the other two legs of your rock solid Italian beef-eating stance. Take the dripping sandwich in your hands, and crane your neck over the opened wrapper. Engorge.

If you find yourself enticed by this sandwich's storied history, as well as it's heroically involved eating process, then you may want to make your way to the greater Chicago metropolitan area, as it's hard to find a read Italian beef anywhere else.

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Monday, July 26 2010

Mediterranean dishes are widely considered healthy, nutritious and very tasty. This kind of dish are always a combination of wines, meals and a whole lot dosage of natural fruits and vegetables. The culture itself came from rich customs and wide variety of traditions that spans centuries of wholesome goodness of food servings.

Mediterranean foods are quite diverse from other forms of cooking culture which makes it more unique, fun and a whole new dining experience. Mediterranean delicacies are being applied worldwide serving millions of people with this culture rich foods. These dishes depends on its simplicity, much nutritious and has more health benefits than other food specialties because its main ingredients are vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts.

Mediterranean diet are also another choice if you are looking for foods that can help you lose weight. Although some people find Mediterranean foods so simple, they described it as a boring food. They don't realize that Mediterranean foods can be improvised by adding some spices and styles that makes them a culinary masterpiece. Some ingredients that can be used for seasoning are dairy products like milk and the very useful olive oil. Give yourself a good and expensive wine and you will enjoy a great Mediterranean meal.

Mediterranean foods are all natural in ingredients and how they cooked and served. Most of these ingredients are found within the community itself like gardens. Vegetables are really beneficial to your over all well being which Mediterranean dishes are mostly composed of raw and natural fruits and vegetables.

If you enjoy this kind of dishes, it will likely give you much healthier lifestyle and long life. The essential vitamins, minerals and other nutritious elements that are associated with Mediterranean dishes are all necessary for a healthy body. Eating high in vegetables and fruits makes you stronger and slimmer so having those extra fat belly's won't be a problem for you. Mediterranean diets also does not promote too much meat consumption which is a good thing because meats can cause you health problems such as pork, lambs and beef.

Food preparation in Mediterranean states varies on recipes and ingredients but all are commonly the same and healthy. So try Mediterranean dishes right now and experience total wellness and exact nutrition in your every meal!

About The Author

Noah Mark Rodolfo is a health care practitioner and a part time cook which hobbies different culinary arts and cultures. Learn more about different exciting dishes in his own food and recipe website at

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Thursday, July 22 2010

If you are a lover of some of the worlds most luxury foods then you may wish to take a look at our list of some of the very best and most expensive foods to be found around the globe.

First on our list is one of the worlds most expensive spices used in cooking - saffron. This spice comes from the crocus flower, originally from Greece but now grown in other parts of the world where it brings a high price. This colorful and well-loved spice has been used for over three thousand years in food preparation and for the medicinal values it has. In the past saffron has been worth more than gold and was used as a currency.

White truffles are highly regarded as a luxury and one of the very best foods in the world due to its rich aroma and intense flavor. The truffles, a type of mushroom are found underground at the roots of certain types of trees where pigs or dogs unearth them.

One of the worlds most expensive caviars is Almas, this means diamond, which is an excellent name for this luxury food of the very best. In the Caspian Sea is the Beluga sturgeon and this is where the very best caviar comes from. This luxury food is the choice of royalty and the rich and famous and is typically associated with luxury and fine dining. The older the caviar the better the flavor, typically this form of caviar comes from Iran.

A luxury beef that you would not want to miss, Kobe beef. This beef is reared very strictly in Japan and the cattle from which the beef comes are treated with the very best care. It is said that they are fed a special diet and are given massages and are brushed on a regular basis in order to keep them stress free. By doing so, the cattle produces luxury beef that is said to be among the very best in the world with a rich flavor, tender and a marbling of fat that is heavy.

Birds nest soup is among the worlds very best foods when it comes to cost. This dish is often called the caviar of the east and the nests are the expensive part of this dish. They are made from the spit of birds and finding the nests is very tricky, which means they come with a very high price. Typically, the nests come in a variety of colors and the Chinese value them for their medicinal benefits. The blood red coloring in nests is the most prized and therefore, coveted the most.

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Wednesday, July 21 2010

I personally feel that we have a responsibility when we sample cuisines of other cultures or in other countries that we take the time to observe the required rules and etiquette associated with that cuisine. It's a serious affront to that culture if we are willing to eat their food but not follow the proper polite rules while eating it.

Japanese culture is very much based on tradition and ritualistic rules that extends to almost every aspect of day-to-day life, including food consumption, and especially sushi. If we are to properly enjoy Japanese sushi, it's very important to follow the appropriate rules associated with sushi consumption. Heres a quick and easy list of things to remember the next you find yourself eating sushi, especially in a nice sushi bar or restaurant.

When Ordering


  • The itamae (sushi chef) should only be asked for sushi or sashimi. Drinks or sides should be ordered from the waitress. It's highly insulting to ask the specialized sushi chef for anything besides fish.
  • Never ask the sushi chef "is it fresh?" All fish in a good sushi bar should be fresh and to suggest that any of it is otherwise is insulting. Instead, ask for his recommendation or suggestion.
  • It is impolite to leave food behind on your plate, so take care to order within your hunger level and personal tastes. If you don't think you'll be able to finish something, don't order it.
  • It's ok to ask for an item you don't see on the menu, because there may be seasonal items or special items not listed on the menu. The itamae will be happy to prepare it for you if he has it.
When Eating



  • It's an affront to the establishment to place your wasabi directly into your soy sauce. In Japan, soy sauces are akin to fine wines, with rare sauces and secretive ingredients. Mixing them together is seen to be an insult to the soy sauce, as well as an insult to the itamae, who will prepare the sushi with what he feels is the proper fish-wasabi balance.
  • Nigirizushi (the strip of fish over rice) and makizushi (the rolls) can be eaten with your hands or with chopsticks and should be eaten in one bite. Sashimi (the strips of raw fish) should only be eaten with chopsticks.
  • When not in use, chopsticks should be placed in the chopstick holder or on the dish, parallel to you.
  • If you sample a piece of food from someone else's plate, use the end of the chopsticks that you hold, not the end that has previously touched your food and been near your mouth.
  • Never pass food to someone with your chopsticks (too similar to a certain Japanese funeral ceremony). Pass your plate.
  • Never stick your chopsticks into your rice and they them sticking up (again, too similar to a certain Japanese burial ceremony).
  • Offering a beer or sake to the itamae is considered polite, but not required. He will remember you the next time you come in, however, if you do.
  • If you are not given a spoon for your soup, you are expected to lift and drink out of it, using chopsticks to position food in your mouth. A little bit of slurping is actually ok.
  • Sake is to be consumed before or after the meal, but not during. Green tea is considered a good compliment to sushi during the meal.
When Leaving



  • If you sat at the bar, you need to tip the itamae and the waitress separately. The itamae will probably have a tip jar. If you are in Japan, you do not need to tip (included in the bill).
  • It is also good form to thank the itamae personally if you were seated at the bar with 'domo arigato' (thank you) or 'gochisosama deshita' (thank you for the meal)
This quick list should keep you out of trouble the next time you find yourself at a nice sushi bar or sushi restaurant, whether you be in the US, Europe, or even in Japan. Just remember, if you're going to enjoy the cuisine, it's time to start observing the culture. Good luck and enjoy!


For more information about sushi culture and sushi recipes, check out this neat blog about how to make sushi.

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Tuesday, July 20 2010

There are few cultural cuisines that can fulfill the requirements of "comfort food" better than Italian food. Italian dishes are colorful, bright, and inviting for family style dining that all will look forward to. Known for fresh, wholesome ingredients, the air wafting from the Italian kitchen is filled with a savory aroma that is unequaled for whetting the appetite. It is easily understandable why Italian food is a favorite the world over.

A visit to a fine Italian restaurant is an adventure in cultural tastes and flavors, with Italian dishes reflecting the historical influences of a variety of regions. Each regional dish features distinctive flavors from fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared with cooking techniques unique to each region, reminiscent of their humble, peasant beginnings. Fish and seafood dishes offer a taste of the Mediterranean, as prepared in Italy's coastal regions, healthy and deliciously prepared from the freshest ingredients. North African and Arab influences can be detected in Sicilian regional dishes, along with the blending of cuisines of early Greek settlers and later French and Spanish influences. Fine spices, wines, and exotic ingredients were introduced by the Roman ships that traveled the world that quickly became incorporated into Italian dishes.

The best known and most widely enjoyed of Italian dishes is, of course, the pizza. Excavations from Pompeii revealed pizza recipes from the 1st Century AD using ingredients still used today on contemporary pizzas. Today's pizza standard was established by the "Pizza Margherita" as prepared for Italy's Queen Margherita di Savoia in 1889. At that time, pizza was sold for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the street of Naples with the popular dish emigrating to the United States with Italian immigrants in the 19th century.

From the popular pizza and beer to a Veal Capriccion served with a rich, red wine, every member of the family will be delighted with the selections of the welcoming Italian table.

Casalinga Ristorante Italiano is the premier restaurant among all Raleigh Italian restaurants because food is prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients and exhibit true Italian taste. (

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Monday, July 19 2010

Puerto Rican cuisine is known for its variety of flavors, spices and food decorations. These food variations are influenced by the native Taino Indians, Spanish and African slaves. Thus, it affects Puerto Rican perspective about foods. Having a special blend of native ingredients, herbs and seasonings are the secrets of making the cuisine delicious and flavorful.

One of the most famous food in the island is Cocina Criolla (Creole Cooking). It had been said that the food was originated by Arawaks and Tainos people -- ethic indigenous inhabitants of Puerto Rico before Spanish rulers came into the island. As time passed by, foods in Puerto Rico were changed into a new sets of ingredient and style when Spanish government moved into the island. They brought pork, rice, wheat and olive oil and soon after they had adopted okra and taro. Until a Treaty of Paris in 1898 happened, people in Puerto Rico had received their freedom from Spanish rulers and became one of the territory of United States of America. With this, American people had influenced the way how Puerto Rican cook their food specifically on frying. In addition, American introduced a corn oil as an alternative for olive oil from Spain -- since American informed the people in Puerto Rico that it was less expensive. To name few foods that the American brought in the islands were Casabe bread, and American bacon.

Puerto Rican culture and food is one of the richest in the world, both with respect to diverse and appealing tastes and textures; and in terms of fresh seafoods, vegetables, fruits and meats. Moreover, the island is also rich in spices like pimientos, sweet chili peppers and others. Even the famous traditional dishes such as Asopao, Chicken with Rice, Adobo and Sofrito uses superb spices which adds an interesting flavor to their cuisine.

A unique distinction of Puerto Rican food makes them set apart from the other Caribbean islands. If you are craving for delicious and nutritious cuisines, visiting Puerto Rico is one great place to spend your vacation with.

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Thursday, July 15 2010

Most people think Texas is only famous for Tex-Mex and beef. In reality, Texas is famous for many more interesting dishes and has a far reaching food heritage. Texas was settled by several groups from different parts of Europe and the United States. As with all settlers they brought their favorite food dishes with them.

In the northeast part of Texas settlers learned from Native Americans how to use wild herbs and plant corn. They also integrated crops from their native area with the seeds they brought with them from Holland. The Dutch Oven expanded its application from stew pot to bread pan and was used to make several types of cornbread. Later as wheat flour became available biscuits replaces cornbread on Texas tables.

Southeastern Texas was settled by people from the southern United States from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana. Some of these settlers were poor and ate berries, fruits, plants and whatever game they could hunt. Others were wealthy plantation owners who continued traditions of fine foods and Southern hospitality. These wealthy plantation owners enjoyed fish and game, as well as an array of cakes and puddings.

Central Texas was originally settled by 300 people Stephen Austin brought to his colony that now bears his name. There the settlers ate roast pork and dumplings or potatoes while the European settlers dined on beef and lamb. South Texans diets were heavily influenced by Mexican and Spanish dishes; tamales, tacos, enchiladas, and tortillas were daily staples for the settlers. They also enjoyed guacamole, salsa and many other dishes typically associated with Central America.

West Texas was dominated by beef until the discovery of oil brought travelers and settlers from thousands of miles away. Beans were something that West Texans borrowed from the Mexican culture and beef, beans, and corn tortillas became a part of the daily diet. This is where Tex-Mex really began and over time has spread to other parts of the country.

Just as the Texas star has five points, the Texas food scene really began in these five unique areas with many unique cultural influences. When you take into account Texas is the size of several European countries it's no surprise this single state can have such a vast array of palate differences.

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Tuesday, July 13 2010

What usually comes into your mind, when you talk about recipes? It can be food ingredients, can be a formula of cooking, or a set of instructions on how to cook. Either way, common sense would simply tell us that it is all about FOOD.

All over the world, cultures and traditions may vary from one place to another. The complexity and variations of each belief makes it more pleasing and interesting to discuss and this include foods. Cuisine becomes a major part of unifying the realm of one culture. Thus, what comprises to a significant culture is not only base on the beauty of beaches, traditions, architectural buildings and arts, and people but it also include foods.

This is what happens to Cuba, many people visit the place because of beautiful beaches, arts, traditions in terms of music and festivals and of course because of Cuban cuisine. Yes, majority of people spend vacations or holidays in the island because they are quite curious of what is it like eating a Cuban recipes. If by any chance, you can not visit and spend your vacation on the island, you can always try searching online. Cuban recipes have a superb rich or spicy dishes. The island offers an scrumptious and nutritious foods to all people - from the main course, desserts down to appetizers. To name few talk-of-town Cuban recipes, they are the following:

Cuban Famous Traditional Dishes 

  • Sofrito
  • Moros y Cristianos (Black beans and rice)
  • Arroz con Pollo (yellow rice with chicken)
  • Ropa Vieja (a shredded beef)
  • Cuban Sandwiches
  • Picadillo (Cuban Beef Hash)
  • Ajiaco
  • Ensalada Cubana Tipica (Cuban Salad)
  • Fufu de platano
  • Cuban-style Stuffed Roast Meat 

Cuban Famous Traditional Desserts 

  • Cuban Flan or Creme Caramel
  • Cuban Boniatillo (Sweet Potato Pudding)
  • Cubans Coconut, Guanabanas, Guayabas and Mantecados Ice cream
  • Rice pudding (Arroz Con Leche) 

Knowing the Cuban recipes will help you appreciate the place. Good foods certainly count for a lot. People in Cuba have an excellent chefs, they knows how to give a recipe with an extra punch which makes it more special. The Cuban kitchen is filled with honest, flavorful food which is prepared in a host of interesting ways.

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Friday, July 09 2010

Although it appears to be otherwise, there really are simple and effective techniques to prepare beef effectively. These techniques will lead to an adequately tasty finished product, but if your aim is a perfectly prepared roast beef dinner, the roasting technique of cooking should be your preference. Let's face it, you will find few things in life that compare to the very first bite of a properly prepared cut of roast beef. Although not the most difficult meal to prepare, there are still a lot of mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. My view is that roasting that cut of beef will give the cook the best possibility for excellence.

To that end, I've provided the 5 key steps that anyone can follow to cook a tasty roast beef dinner:

Cooking roast beef step 1: Fresh is best.

It's not always simple to figure out the age of the beef in a supermarket. Hopefully your grocer adheres to the strict guidelines of the FDA and that your cut of beef is fresh. If feasible, you should try to determine if your beef purchase was hung properly and isn't much more than fourteen days removed from the slaughter.

Cooking roast beef step 2: Defrost the meat to room temp.

Do not make the error of plopping the roast into the range straight from the refrigerator. Your company will be experiencing a meal that could have tasted much better had you permitted the meat to assume room temperature prior to cooking. And certainly do not attempt to prepare your meat directly from the freezer. This is a recipe for disaster!

Cooking roast beef step 3: Add seasonings.

If you wish, season with salt, pepper or garlic. This isn't a required action, and some experts say you ought to wait on the spices until the meat is done. I believe this is an individual option, and ought to be left up to the chef.

Cooking roast beef step 4: Find a good thermometer.

Use a meat thermometer to figure out when the beef is done. Many factors influence the cooking time for a cut of meat: size and shape of cut, amount of fat and bone, and how the meat was aged. A temp of 120 to 125 degrees is rare, 130 to 140 degrees is medium rare, 145 to 150 degrees is medium, and 155 to 165 degrees is well done.

Cooking roast beef step 5: A shallow pan is best.

Put meat in shallow roasting pan, fat side up. The idea here is to supply a chance for the meat to heat evenly. A shallow pan will make sure the meat does not steam in its own juices and that the beef will warm uniformly.

Cooking roast beef step 6: Utilize a roasting chart.

It is a good concept to consult a roasting chart for info on how long to prepare your meat. Cooking times and temps differ extensively based on size and quality of cut, type of cut, altitude, oven type, etc.

Cooking roast beef step 7: Wait 15 minutes before serving.

Let the meat to sit fifteen to 20 minutes prior to carving or serving. A roast will go up in temperature five or 10 degrees during this period, so it is best to take the cut out of the oven a little bit before it reaches the preferred temperature.

I hope you find these ideas to be helpful. If cautiously implemented, you, too can prepare the perfect roast beef dinner. A feast that your guests will be blabbing about for days and weeks to come!

Dicky is passionate about helping people find their way in the kitchen. He has written many articles on his favorite subject, and he has a website devoted to all topics that concern people improving their cooking skills. His website offers literally thousands of articles, videos, etc. on this subject. It can be found here:

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Thursday, July 08 2010

Hungarian cuisine is varied and delicious. It had the great Turkish, Italian and French influence that enriched and improved Hungarian recipes. Courses with stewed vegetables came from Balkans, sausages were brought by Germans and Italians, pelmeni were received from Slavic people.

The most famous Hungarian courses are goulashy and paprikashy, but Red pepper (paprika) is the culinary symbol of Hungary. Each region of Hungary has own peculiar food. Balaton vicinity is well-known for its fish courses; Great Hungarian Plain (Great Pannonian Plain) - for its potato courses, Northern part of Hungary is famous for game courses, Southern Hungary - stewed paprika and tomatoes (lecho). Also there are highly national food - stewed lamb with tarragon and stewed in grease paprika and tomatoes. The plant paprika was brought to Europe in the end of 15 and the beginning of 16 century simultaneously from west and east. Paprika was spreaded in Hungary during Turkish dominion (1541-1686). Turks brought paprika from Persia. Small, sweet-scented and hot Hungarian paprika is very similar to Indian kind of red pepper. Spanish paprika (Pimiento) was brought from Latin America by Christopher Columbus. It is bigger, pulpy, with sweetish taste, but without especial scent.

Paprika is growing everywhere in Hungary, but in Great Pannonian Plain there are the best conditions for it. Southern cities Szeged and Kalocha are also famous for their excellent red pepper. You can see bunches of paprika at verandahs of peasant houses everywhere in this region and fields are glowing with bright red color. Hungarians flavor with paprika almost all courses. Small, bigger, hot, sweet, red, green and dried yellow paprika can be eaten uncooked.

Pork grease and flour heavy sauce with spices forms the basic of Hungarian Courses. Smoked sausage slices and sour cream are widely used in cooking. All that variety of different ingredients makes Hungarian Cuisine delicious for any taste.

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Thursday, July 08 2010

Spending time with your family is very much important as this is the time that you get to share important family values. Families should not have a day that is set aside for family time but rather they should be able to spend some time together everyday. One of the best times to have a good time together is during the family meals. It is good to share a talk over the family time and share the challenges that the kids are facing in their everyday life. Spending some time to talk with your kids is important is as this helps to show them that you are ready to address their problems and you are there for them. During the family meals you will be able to teach your children the right family values that they need to follow as they grow up.

Strengthening the family bond
Strengthening of the family bond is very much vital and this is something that all families out there need to practice all the time. There are quite a number of ways that you strengthen the family bond with and one of them is spending some time together in one place. We all live busy lives and in some cases we have to at least find some time to share a moment with the family and the perfect time is during the family meals. During the family meals you will begin to chart with your kids and find out about the problems that they may face at school or here and there. The moment that you begin to share the meal times with your children you will note that they will begin to open up to you and share their problems with you and your family bond gets even much stronger.

Strengthening your relationships is vital in every family and through these meals you will be able to strengthen the ties in your family. Families often fail to open up to each other because they do not spend that much time together and this is certainly a problem that needs to be dealt with in every family. As a parent you need to show your children that you are there for them and as you spend time with them more often you will find out that they will talk to you about the problems that they face at school and you as an adult will be able to deal with these problems.

The family meals should also reflect the love that the family has; as you spend more meal times together the love in the house will often grow. It is important that the love is always passed from one generation to another and this can be done through the meal times. Research has show that children prefer to talk during the meals and this is the time that they tend to address the issues that they may not understand in life and you will be able to solve these for them and extending your love to them at the same time.

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Wednesday, July 07 2010
Nicholas Perricone, an American medical doctor, recommend nine super foods to people in his best-selling popular book named Perricone's commitment --- the secrets of longevity. What are these nine kinds of super foods?

1. Fructus Cannabis Oil

Fructus cannabis oil is produced in the world longevity city --- Bama, Guangxi in China. It is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, iron and other trace elements that are essential to human beings. It can help tonify the kidney, promote digestion, improve eyesight, nourish the liver and treat illness. In addition, it has the special effect of treating some diseases such as constipation, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Fructus cannabis oil is the only oil that can dissolve in water, which is one reason to explain why there are so many centenarians in Bama. Local people call it "longevity oil".

2. Allium Plant

Garlic, scallion and onion all contain a special spicy ingredient, which can stimulate the body to produce glutathione. Glutathione is the most effective anti-oxidant in the liver, which can help improve the detoxification of liver and remove carcinogens in the body.

3. Barley

Barley contains a large amount of soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps the metabolism of fat, cholesterol and carbohydrate in the body and it can reduce the amount of cholesterol. Insoluble fiber is good for the heath of digestive system and it can help prevent cancer.

4. Algae Food

Seaweed can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Besides, it can improve immunity and prevent cancer.

5. Buckwheat

Buckwheat contains more proteins than rice, wheat and millet. Flavonoid contained by buckwheat is good for the blood circulation and heart health, so buckwheat is also known as blood-enriching food.

6. Bean Products

Beans are rich in proteins. As long as we eat them together with cereal, they can provide us with all essential amino acids that are needed by human body.

7. Pepper

Capsaicine contained by peppers can not only stimulate your taste, but also help relieve pain, prevent cancer and protect heart.

8. Nut

Nuts are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. They can make your heart healthier and help prevent cancer to some extent.

9. Bean sprout

Bean sprouts contain high levels of enzyme, and these enzymes make bean sprouts more digestible than mature beans. Bean sprouts are also rich in antioxidants, which can delay aging.

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Friday, July 02 2010
 A lot of cooks at heart lack the skills of chefs. However, you absolutely love to create in the kitchen. I will provide you with proven techniques that will allow your passion for cooking to compliment your lack of skill. By the end of this article you will learn that a perfect cook is simply a cook with passion.

One thing that keeps cooks in the kitchen is they enjoy what they do. However, there are some times that first time recipes or big dinner parties get the best of us. This could be a result of several things but a good cook shouldn't let it keep them away from the kitchen. When cooking find out what your strengths are, if you are great with pairing flavors concentrate on that. If you find yourself gifted enough to turn a dinner napkin into a custom centerpiece put a little more focus on that. Whatever you are gifted in lend yourself to that gift.

As a cook you have to realize that every dish that you make will not meet your expectation. In most scenarios you are the only one that is disappointed with the results. You have to remember that you are your worst critic. So don't spend time sulking over the chicken that is a little too dry, put that energy into making the side dishes extra special or even creating a sauce that will moisten up that dry chicken. Always have confidence when preparing and presenting your dishes. If you believe that the dish is great your guest will follow suit, confidence is the key.

Preparation is essential in creating successful dishes. Unless your refrigerator is connected to a 24 hour grocery then it is necessary to take time and plan out your dishes. Review the steps needed to prepare the dish from start to finish. Ensure you have all the ingredients that you will need, never assume that you still have that nutmeg in the cabinets, check and make sure. You would hate to be in the middle of preparing a dish only to realize that you are missing an essential ingredient all because of an assumption.

These techniques are just some things that have worked for me. However, there are many other things that you can try that can help you to surpass some hang ups that you may encounter while creating in the kitchen. Also try to remember that even the "professionals" don't always have perfect dishes either so don't compare your dishes with theirs. You are your worst critic your guest won't notice your mistakes if you don't make them obvious. And always emphasize your gifts, by dedicating more time to things you are skilled at it will attract less on your problem areas. Preparation is a solid foundation for a successful dish.

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Thursday, July 01 2010

Vegetables are never a child's favorite, but they are very healthy and can be delicious when prepared right. However, what kids don't know is that by parents serving vegetables at dinner, it is an actual armour against so many ailments. The best armour of them all is the broccoli which happens to be the most disliked by many kids too.

Broccoli is known by experts as "the sugar miracle." It is the one of the best natural remedy for diabetes. It has the ability to protect a potential attack of the condition and also it can aid in the reversion of the condition. It clears blood circulation channels in the body which is usually a major problems with the diabetic people. These problems cause conditions like inflammation of veins, numbness of legs and sensitive feet very prone to infections. The element sulphorophane and prevents diabetes and takes care of it if present in he body. Research shows that broccoli has the ability to help in the prevention and management of cancers like breast cancer and colon cancer. Breast cancer is the second most deadly cancer among women after cervical cancer. People run races to fund the research in finding the cure of this cancer which kills thousands of women each year according to statistics. while actually the prevention and remedy might actually be lying unattended in the plate before you. Simply eating it could keep this cancer at bay!

Broccoli contains anti oxidants. They ensure the body is free from unattached electrolytes which are harmful to the body. These electrolytes cause damage to tissues and cells in the body. This ensures that the body becomes free to function at its best and that body processes run as they should.

Broccoli, like most vegetables is an excellent source of fiber. Fiber is essential in the body. Though fiber is not absorbed into the body for tissue processes, it is paramount in the digestive system. Fiber give food bulk so that it goes through the digestive tract well. It also gives this digested food grip so that it is able to pas through the tract during excretion of the waste material.

Now many people on a diet consider calories before eating a meal, and there is no need to worry when it comes to broccoli. The calories in it are very few. They don't pose any danger to people with cardiovascular issues due to clogging of blood veins. It also does not pose any danger to those suffering from high blood pressure.

Broccoli is full of vitamins and minerals. The purpose of these two in the body is to promote the regular body functions. They ensure that every thing in the body goes as it should. They are called protective foods, which means that they strengthen the body to fight off diseases and maintain the health in the body by ensuring the perfect functioning of the immune system. They also ensure proper functioning of various body systems like the digestive system, the reproductive system, and the nervous system, among others. Vitamins and minerals also bring about strong and healthy bones and teeth.

Next time you find yourself staring at a plate of broccoli debating on whether or not to eat it, remember just what that little green stuff brings with it and enjoy your plate of veggies!

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