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Monday, June 28 2010

Because seafood is generally eaten far less frequently in the U.S. than beef, pork, and chicken, many Americans never gain real familiarity with seafood in general and fish in particular. But thanks to modern science, we now know that there are many fish that are essentially superfoods, providing abundant nutrition with very little fat. The flavor can take some getting used to, but once you learn to enjoy a wide variety of fish, your health and your palate will benefit. Here are ten fish that are great for your health, your culinary delight, and the environment.

Pacific salmon: Salmon is widely regarded as one of the healthiest fish to eat, abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, and calcium, but it's also delicious, with a distinct aroma and a delicate flavor to its pink and meaty flesh.

Pacific cod: Atlantic Cod has been overfished and is best left alone. Pacific cod, however, are abundant, and they're generally caught using more sustainable methods. There are lots of ways to cook it, but my personal favorite is baked with lemon juice, flour, and paprika.

Sardines: These tiny fish are extremely abundant both in the wild and on farms, so feel free to eat as many as you like. They're also healthy, and they have been used in a number of studies to prove the considerable health benefits of fish in general. It's easy to find them canned, but if you look hard enough, you can also find fresh sardines.

Herring: Herring are among the most environmentally sustainable fish to eat, so have as much as you want. They're great pickled, fried, baked, or even raw.

Anchovies: Anchovies are highly versatile for culinary purposes, serving as the bases for many types of fish sauce as well as a somewhat popular pizza topping. They're eaten in virtually every country in the world, and they're widely farmed, which means they're okay to eat.

Sablefish: This sweet fish is sometimes known as a "butterfish" due to its soft texture and delicate flavor. It's extremely healthy, and the fish are abundant in the North Pacific, so there are no ethical concerns with eating them. They're best fried, but their softness makes them versatile.

Mackerel: Mackerel is the perfect fish for seafood lovers who don't mind its strong taste. Along with the powerful flavor comes a meat that is firm and full of healthy materials. A smaller relative of tuna, these fish are widely abundant and perfectly fine to eat. They're eaten poached, baked, or fried, often as an appetizer or side dish.

Pacific halibut: This white fish is highly versatile and tends to appeal even to picky eaters who resist seafood. It's low in fat, rich and nutrients, and delicious in a wide variety of dishes. The Pacific halibut is abundant in the wild, and conservation groups approve of its consumption. The Atlantic halibut has been overfished and should be avoided.

Rainbow trout: Rainbow trout is similar to salmon but with a nuttier, slightly milder flavor. Like salmon, it's rich in fatty acids, and it also contains plenty of B12, which helps reduce heart disease. Rainbow trout are threatened in the wild, but it's perfectly acceptable to eat trout raised on farms.

Catfish: Catfish are among the coolest fish in the world, with a distinctive appearance and lots of character, but they also make great food. Varieties farmed in inland U.S. ponds make great, robust meat that's delicious fried up with vegetables and white wine sauce.

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Monday, June 14 2010
Eating can be a whole different process in the summer. However, you want to keep your bathing suit body in shape and healthy.

The summer is upon the United States which means it's time for BBQs, bathing suits, and a whole lot of outdoor fun. Summer is the best time of year because you get to spend time with your family and friends and do a lot more outdoor activities. However, the summer also means that a lot of people tend to slack on what they are eating and putting in their bodies. Even in the summer, you need to concentrate on eating healthy and right for your body.

It is bathing suit season, you first start by being more conscious about the food you consume. If you are the type of person who likes to cook up sausages and hamburgers every single day when it is summer, then you need to start thinking twice about it. There are a lot of great foods out there that are actually a lot better for you and your bathing suit figure. In the summer, all of the fruits and vegetables because readily available and are really great prices. You can start cooking meals that incorporate food like that a lot more often.

You also want to consider the amount of carbonated beverages you drink. Sure, beer and soda are the choice drinks for the summer, but neither of those beverages will quench your thirst when you are thirsty. Try some good old fashion water for a change. In fact, you should drink plenty of water in the summer to keep your body nice and hydrated.

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Thursday, June 10 2010
Whether you are going on vacation, traveling for business or heading home for the holidays, finding good food options at the airport can be challenging. Be wary of sandwiches laden with heavy bacon or mayonnaise because they can add up to 800 calories and 20 grams of fat. One of the best ways to avoid this dilemma is to pack your own healthy snacks for your trip and avoid the tempting terminal selections. This is especially important if you think you are going to have a layover or are flying in bad weather.

If you are stuck at the airport and don't have any other choice but to dine there, some good food options do exist. As well as sandwiches with bacon or mayonnaise, try to avoid tuna and egg salad, as they are also loaded with mayonnaise and are high in fat. Instead, opt for sandwiches that contain vegetables and lean meat, such as turkey or chicken with little or no dressings. Look for a grilled chicken salad or a garden salad with the dressing on the side. Other great picks are fresh fruit and fruit salads, which contain essential vitamins and nutrients, especially when you are traveling.

If you just don't know what you want, almost every airport carries dried fruits and nuts. Be careful not to exceed the recommended serving size because while they tend to be a great source of heart-healthy fat, one bag does contain about ten servings. Other healthy options are raw nuts, pretzels, vegetables, energy bars and granola bars. The most important thing to remember is to be prepared whenever you travel, and if not, to make better choices along the way. You will have a more enjoy flight and not feel loaded down from all the heavy airport food.

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Tuesday, June 08 2010
Healthy meals are not always expensive, but you have to be careful when choosing the ingredients. Do not buy packed or processed foods from grocery stores. They are expensive and are not good for health. List the grocery items which are necessary and do your shopping accordingly. Make this list so that the items last for a month. Buying the grocery items in bulk will reduce the cost by getting you some discounts. You can also make use of coupons that are provided in a grocery shop. Buy foods which are fresh and good for health. Reduce your expenses by reducing meats.

To keep your meals healthy and on the budget, you need to cook at home. Vegetarian meals can help you reduce your grocery bills. You can have fish and meat two times a week. This will reduce your grocery cost and help you maintain good health. Eggs will make a good meal and they keep you healthy. Proteins are found in abundance in the eggs. You need not eat only plain eggs; you can also use them to make salads.

Many of the vegetables and fruits which are available all round the year can make your food budget low. It is better if you get the fruits and vegetables once a week and store them properly in your fridge.

One of the vegetables which is delicious and easy to make is potato. Alternatively, cook some beans with rice. This is easy to cook and is also healthy. Try to make some homemade pasta. Add some vegetables and some mushrooms and also pasta sauce. You can make grilled tuna sandwich which is also healthy. Make some fresh green salads everyday instead of consuming calorie laden and fried foods.

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Tuesday, June 01 2010
 People in Italy begin the day with breakfast and this is known as "colazione." A traditional breakfast there is similar to a French, Spanish, or Greek breakfast. Milky coffee, bread with butter and jelly and cookies are popular. Children drink hot milk with a tiny bit of coffee, milk by itself of hot chocolate. Fruit compote, yogurt, muesli and breakfast cereals are becoming more popular there too.

Lunch is the heartiest meal in Italy and it is served between noon and 2PM. There will normally be an appetizer such as cheese, cold meats, olives or bread and dips, followed by a first course. This will be something like ravioli, risotto, spaghetti or pasta, soup or crepes. The second course is fish or meat. Next comes dessert and finally fruit with pistachios or another kind of nut on the side. Meals today tend to be shorter and smaller but the locals still enjoy large lunches with their families when they do get time.

A mid-afternoon snack is popular and this might be nuts, cookies, raisins, mousse, fruit, yogurt, or something similar. Dinner is lighter than lunch and might be soup, risotto, salad or lunch leftovers. Dinner is eaten somewhere between 7.30 and 9.30PM.

Food from Italy Found Overseas

Pasta and pizza are probably the best known dishes from Italy in the United States and United Kingdom. Lasagna, spaghetti Bolognese and ragu are especially well loved. A lot of Italy-American recipes are based on Sicilian recipes but they are Americanized to appeal to local tastes. A lot of pizza recipes outside Italy are thicker than Italian ones with more toppings. Fettuccine alfredo and Chicago-style pizzas are popular throughout the United States.

Italian food is well loved in Brazil because of the Italian immigration in the early twentieth century. In Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo you will easily be able to find pizza restaurants. An Italian inspired dish called "Milanesa a la Napolitana" is popular in South America and this comes with French fries. Venezuelan ciabatta, Sicilian bread, and Sicilian cannoli are well loved in Venezuela.

You will also find plenty of foods from Italy in Argentina because of all the immigrants there. Milanesas, which are breaded meats, are popular there, and so is pizza. Argentinean pizzas are similar to calzones. You can also get Argentinean gnocchi.

There are Italian colonies in Libya, Ethiopia, and Somalia, which explains why there is some Italian influence in the cuisines of these African regions. Libya used to be an Italian colony and pasta still features heavily in Libyan menus. Bazin is a Libyan specialty and this hard paste is made with salt, water, and barley. Batata mubatana is a spiced, ground meat-filled potato, which is then covered with breadcrumbs and egg.

There are immigrants from Italy in a lot of major South African cities and well loved foods from Italy like cheese and ham are imported. There is at least one good Italian restaurant in every South African city. Pasta is enjoyed in South Africa and olive oil is produced there, to accompany these recipes.

Fans of Italian food might enjoy discovering more about different types of pizza and maybe even making some easy pizza recipes at home. You Make the Pizza, We Help You Make It Great!

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