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Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We strive to offer the menu items and service elements you enjoy, so please take just a minute to let us know what we're doing well. And if there's anything you'd like to see done differently, don't hesitate to tell us. Your feedback can only make us better!
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I ordered this for a lifelong friend & her mom after the unexpected loss of their brother/son, since I live in a different state & couldn’t be there with them. I ordered the 5 meal plan (dinners). My friend was very impressed with the care you took with the packaging of each meal, and the freshness, as well as the large portions. She & her mom enjoyed each of the variety of dinners. I will definitely use SendaMeal again. Thank you for helping to make a difficult time a little bit easier for them.

Stars rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Review    This is the 3rd time I have used Sendameal, although all three have been gifts for others going through a difficult time, so I can't "personally" vouch taste. What I can say is, each of the three recipients said the food was delicious. I make it a point to ask, and ask them to be honest, so I know whether to use SendaMeal in the future. Each recipient was very thankful and very pleased with the quality. Delivery is very good, and the recipients have told me it is packaged very well. I will continue to use!

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Loved it 😂😂😘😘

🎩Mr Bentley

Easy to use site and great selection of food with fast shipping. 

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Enoch S.

I love using Send a Meal! I've sent it to friends who just had babies and I always get good feedback!! 

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Amanda B

Meal was delivered as scheduled and recipient was pleased.

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Donna J

Website friendly, SO MANY choices. Love being able to give a whole meal including desserts.

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Wendy C

I am a repeat customer, having placed more than 10 orders over the last 3 years. Every single person we've gifted these meals to, expresses how good the food it. I highly recommend SendAMeal!

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RS Mullen

My experience with this order was smooth as usual. We order meals for our associates through SendaMeal when they experience a loss, have a baby or some sort of medical procedure. The order process is super easy and delivery is usually only about 1 week out. Great experience!

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Amy R.

Hello, I purchase these meals for employees who’ve just given birth.  So I haven’t tried any of the food, however… I get rave reviews from the employees!!!

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Peggy M.

Our company uses Send a Meal to onboard new employees. The day before their start date we send the a meal to their home to make their first work week easier. Rave reviews about the food and the company is super reliable! We have been using them for four years and will continue to do so as our new employees feel like they work for a Fortune 500 company with this special meal surprise and welcome from their new co-workers. 

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Rebecca S.

Love this service. Since I live far away from my elderly father I can send him a meal that he can prepare easily.

Stars Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Donna J

Please update my previous review - as promised - if customer service were helpful and righted the wrong, I planned to remove the negative review.  They did the right thing and re-shipped food out ASAP. They also credited my 2-day shipping. Thank you, they could have lost a customer, but they were helpful and gained one instead.

Wendy M.

Stars Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


Good morning,

I just wanted to let you know that the meals were delivered yesterday. Thank you so much for taking care of this and for all the hard work your team put into getting it done. I really appreciate everything you guys did to get this to her on time. We will definitely continue to use Send-A-Meal. One happy customer here. Also, Debbie was amazing, and I appreciate all her help. 

Thank you,
Jamie Deasel

I ordered a meal for my father for Father’s Day – it was a huge hit!  He is 91 and it made his day.  (He ate the chocolate cake before Father’s Day – couldn’t wait ;-)

We will do this again for him – thank you!

Judie G.

Hello, I recently ordered a meal as a gift. This was the beef tips with pearl onions meal. I accidentally chose the wrong shipping option. I contacted Send-a-Meal as suggested on the website and they kindly changed my shipping and refunded me the shipping charge difference. The recipients of the meal reported that it was very good. They particularly loved the rich gravy and the tenderness of the meat.

Best Regards, Customer

I purchased a “Send a Meal” to be shipped to my dear friends in Pittsburg, Pa.  going through a bad bout of cancer.  The two of them were thrilled with have yummy meals ready to eat.  They truly were overwhelmed with gratitude.  The meals were shipped quickly and arrived right on the delivery date.  I am very, very pleased with the entire process.

Gay Hendrix

Sent from my iPhone

Purchased the gift card for a few employees. Very easy to order, good selection of meals, offers the flexibility to order the meal they like on their time table.

Franklin, MA

I send these meals to my son in New York. He enjoys the home cooked meals when away. He LOVED the thanksgiving meal! He shared with a friend since they could not be home for the holiday. 

Martha L.
Houston, TX

I ordered a couple different dinners to try them. My favorite is the Sole Almondine. I absolutely love this. It tastes wonderful. It's a good buy also because the pieces of fish are large.

Pat H.
Helena, MT

I absolutely love your site. A nice way to send sympathy to that special person.

Thank you.
Kristine K.

We were unable to connect with my my father this year for Thanksgiving, so we sent him a turkey dinner using Send a Meal. I was impressed with the service and it arrived when they said it would. My father said that the meal was meal was packaged impressively when he received it, and that the directions to reheat were included making it very easy for him to do.He also said that the meal was delicious! He thoroughly enjoyed it and had plenty of leftovers! Thank you so much for helping to make the holiday special for our family! 

Brenda R.
Atlanta, GA

Thank you for a relish meal, I ordered the smoke ham combo. I had a friend and my son over who also stated they enjoyed the meals. And thank you for a prompt delivery. This is my first time ordering and I will reorder again. 

Maryann R.
Canadensis, PA

I just wanted to tell you that right after my aunt received her package she gave me a phone call (it was already11 pm over here!) but she was so thrilled with the gift she had to let me know. She said the food (prime rib) looked really beautiful and it was packed so carefully.

Just wanted to let you know that it made me so happy to have been able to make her happy – she’s 88 and pretty much house-bound. The best money I’ve spent in a while – just to hear her so delighted was wonderful.

Thank you for your wonderful service!
Best regards,
Susan G.
Tel Aviv, Israel

Decided to send our eldest son a send a meal for his birthday last year and he LOVED it! Food is great and he could eat several meals from the item we sent him. We have since sent him two more meal kits and he couldn't be happier! Thank you! 

Diedre Y.
Pine Bluff, AR

This food is absolutely delicious!!!  Thank you so much for running an honest business -The meatloaf really tastes like Mom's Will definitely be reordering.

Jerry S.
Tucker, GA

Thank you so much for providing the security for shopping online....I haven't used your site for a while but today a situation happened to a friend and I had to send a bereavement gift.  Thank you for such a great service.  

Maxine B.
Hooker, OK

3 cheers to Send A Meal!!! The product and service you provide is absolutely top rate!! Twice now your services have aided in the lives of my loved ones during tragic events. Once I ordered the 7 day plan, the other time I ordered the 5 day plan. Both families said having warm and deliscious meals at the ready was a life saver!! Thank you for providing such an exemplary service!!

Brick, NJ 

I ordered a meal for the first time for friends who lost a loved one. They tell me the meal was delicious and raved about it. I had ordered the Mediterranean Chicken. I will definitely use this site again.

Pat S.
Birmingham, AL

Our work office ordered the 7 Day Meal Plan for a co-worker that had been in a car accident. She has reported that all the food was delicious!! We will definitely be using your service again!! 

Lincoln, CA

My brother who is staying with a high school friend after a tragic loss received your order today, they were totally excited about the high quality of the meals, and the simple instructions, they are both seniors and have NO cooking ability and this has lifted their spirits, I ordered enough for 7 days as my brother will be going back home to Canada on the 12th, thank you so much for making them feel cared for, you are now my favorite place to order meals for relatives out of state, excellent service and product.

Trudie O
Lebanon, IN

We live in CA and my son is away at school in NYC. In 22 yrs this was the 1st year EVER he wasn't with me on Thanksgiving. I found after a google search and I am so happy with the service and quality. It was a meal from home away from home. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Downey, CA

I sent this to a freind who lives alone and would be recuperating after surgery. She is not the easiest to please - but she said it was DELICIOUS! So I am thrilled. Thank you!

Carol M.
Kennett Square, PA 

What a great idea again....Dad was thrilled and is looking over the menu as I write this.  Thanks, it will help since we will be gone for 20 days this time.  Thoughtful thoughtful gift.

Sent from my iPad

Marie C.

I received a gift certificate for SendaMeal and my family and I enjoyed it very much. We had quite a selection, but our favorite was the pot roast. It was fantastic!

Karen A.
Atlantic City, FL

Great customer service! I was very upset because I ordered several meals for a Father's Day gift and set the delivery time to a date I knew my father would be back in town from work travel. The meals were delivered early and left on the doorstep, almost a week before dad was due to arrive home to see his spoiled lasagna and chicken. I wrote customer service and they quickly dispatched the meals on the right day. He loved them! Thanks. 

Hawthorne, NJ

Dinner, plus shipping: Are mail-order meals worth it?

By Danielle Braff, Chicago Tribune

At a time when 30-minute meals just aren’t fast enough, it’s time to turn to mail-order-meals. Log on to a Web site, choose from hundreds of meals, and two days later, your cooler full of frozen food will be waiting for your microwave.

But the array of meal-order options can be overwhelming. So we ordered dinners from five online meal retailers to help you figure out which service is best for your family. All of the meals—we stuck with chicken selections—arrived safely in coolers two days after we logged on, and each took less than 10 minutes to get from the cooler to the microwave to the table. But that’s where the similarities ended.

We stuck with services that are available throughout Chicagoland (and the U.S.). We also found services with very limited delivery areas or specialty menus. Those might work better for you, and you can compare their offerings to what we found. For pricing, keep in mind that our shipping costs were high because we ordered a single dish from each place. If you order in bulk, the cost of shipping can be substantially lower.

We tested mail-order chicken meals from five online retailers and have the indigestion to prove it. Here’s how they compared.

—Danielle Braff, 

Concept: Gourmet-quality meal gifts or comfort food delivered fresh.

Selection: We were impressed that they offer live Maine lobsters and pulled-pork sandwiches on the same menu.

Ease of Web site: Great. Everything is split into categories, including meals for new parents and romantic dinners.

Meal we ordered: Roast chicken Rendezvous. Chicken breasts, a side of broccoli and cauliflower, and a side of garlic mashed potatoes. It was an impressive chicken dish because the breasts didn’t have any skin and weren’t fried but still tasted juicy and well seasoned.

Cost: $33 plus $8 shipping.

Other pros/cons: We were pleased with the high quality of the food.

Best for: Gifts. They had many gift options ranging from sympathy to housewarming.

You were a lifesaver for my parents and neighbors.We were so thankful and blessed to find you online to deliver food ASAP to their area (Spring & Beaumont TX) especially they were ones who was affected by the hurricane Ike.They enjoyed a nice home meal.God bless your company and the hands that have prepared them!!

Tasha S.
Albuquerque, NM

My mom became ill recently. My father is not use to cooking for himself. Mom does it ALL. I found this website and sent them a weeks worth of meals. The meals feed 4 so they were able to stretch it to almost 2 weeks. They loved the food. Easy to prepare and tasted great. Thanks to these meals I was able to make sure they were eating even though I'm over a 1000 miles away.

Colorado Springs, CO

I sent a holiday meal to my parents and they were able to enjoy it with other family members on Christmas eve. They raved about every single dish, and really loved the molten cake dessert I sent as well. Thank you for sending such a high quality meal.

Denise B.
San Diego, CA

Thank you soooo much for the follow-up (great customer service) I had sent a gift of meals to my son and his family when my daughter-in-law was sick and they loved it..For Thanksgiving THEY ARE COMING HOME TO ME..I have told everyone I know of your website and I will definitely be ordering again...Thank you again...

Yvonne R.
Melbourne, FL

I ordered the elegant romantic dinner and dessert for a friend for her 92nd birthday. She needs nothing, and because she lives so far away there's little I can do for her. She can no longer get out to to have a nice dinner at a restaurant so thought this would be a nice treat. I was right! She said this was the best gift she could have received! Made me so happy making her so happy that I am now ordering her Christmas gift! Thank you!

Rebecca H.
Billings MT

I wanted to do something meaningful and helpful for my husband's uncle and cousin after the premature death of a very dear relative. I found your site by pure 'mistake', and was very pleased. I ordered the 5 day meal and know they will be taken care of during their time of need. It's a wonderful thought and a great help. I am sure the food will be very tasty. I am just so happy that even though I am not there, I can still lend a very meaningful hand!!! Thank you!

Patrizia M.
Patchogue, NY

I just want to say Thank You for the wonderful tasting dinner. I ordered the meal for an intimate birthday dinner for my fiance, and I was a little nervous about the timing of delivery and how the food would taste. I have to say everything was well seasoned and full of flavor. I ordered the marinated salmon and to my surprise it was very tasty. The apple cobbler was just as delicious. My fiance was very please. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to try another meal.

L. Cathey
Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to say that I used your service for the second time this week, and sent the Tilapia Fish Dinner to my parents. They just loved it! I sent them a dinner in May and they raved about that one also. But I can assure you they will be raving about the fish for a very long time. Thank you for offering such wonderful and tasty meals. I'll be back soon to order more gifts. This time I will be ordering for myself at the same time! Sincerely,

Lori L.
Kittanning, PA

Just wanted you to know that the recipient of the lobster found them to be "the most delicious ever". And they loved the crab cakes and clam all the gadgets.

Wonderful Company to do business with.

Prof. John C.
Bronxville, NY

OH WOW!!! I just received a phone call from my mother-in-law screaming of DELIGHT! She had never received such a gift, and she's going crazy with joy! She said, her lobsters are so huge and beautiful! Everything came packaged so lovely! I'm so happy to hear her so ecstatic. THANK YOU SO MUCH! THANK YOU -- SEND-A-MEAL!! YOU'RE A MAJOR HIT!!!

MoLisa W.
Freeport, NY

Amazing - "a 120% HIT" according to my sister and Italian brother-in-law! Fresh, well presented, and well packaged even to Florida. They raved over the dinner for what amounted to an hour on the telephone. l can't thank you enough and I'll definitely be back.

Best regards,
Kathy D.
Northampton, Ma

Just wanted to let you all know that the soup I ordered for my brother was a HUGE success! He can only eat out of a straw for a few weeks because of a mouth injury, and he just LOVED all the soups.

Thanks for doing good work!

Cindy B.

I would like to compliment you for this easy-to-use and attractive website and for its promptness in filling orders. I also like very much how easy you make it to track orders. I order a lot of things online, and quite often tracking info is not very good.

I'm sure I will be ordering again in the near future.

Martha M.
Twentynine Palms, CA

Thank you so much for the follow-up. I am glad I found your company and will be sure to spread the word! Great customer service!!

S. Forbes
Scottsdale, AZ

This meal was delish! I wasn't sure sure if I should've had this, especially after my tennis game, but it turned out to be a terrific treat. Thank You so much!!!

Eric J.