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Three dear friends and I, meet once a week to catch up on each others lives. Each one of us takes turns hosting the dinner. Some week's it's a potluck. I like to take the easy road and give the best. I do this by ordering dinners online. One others the person hosting decides they want to cook a meal for everyone. This time when my turn came, I decided to do something different. Two out of the four were going through some life troubles. It was winter. And the group definitely needed some fun and joy.

After going through and rejecting a lot of ideas, I finally settled on a lobster dinner. Not just any lobster dinner, but one where we cooked them live. Ordering dinners online for lobster meals is very simple. We all love seafood. And cooking the live things seemed like the perfect adventure to bring out some much needed laughter. It was easy enough to order the lobsters online. A search online provided many reputable places from where I could buy them live. They arrived at my doorstep as promised within twenty four hours. They were still alive and kicking.

You should have heard the shrieks from my friends when they saw the live lobsters. At first they were apprehensive and were not sure if they could help cook. But soon they got into the spirit of the evening.

We used a classic, simple way to cook them. We boiled them with just a touch of salt and lime juice for taste. The shared cooking experience provided a lot of entertainment. From boiling the water to removing the bands from the lobster to carefully immersing them in the water. Each step made us be in the moment and forget our worries.

Try it the next time you need something to do to take your mind away from things. Better yet, share the experience with a group of friends. Cooking Live Lobster is a fun activity.