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Strawberry Shortcake (Full Size)

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Thaw & Serve cake.


We simply love this take on the classic Strawberry Shortcake, featuring a delicate strawberry purée and light whipped cream icing. Three layers of moist yellow sponge cake replace the typically crumbly shortcake in this inventive gourmet Strawberry Shortcake recipe. Have a Strawberry Shortcake delivered for any occasion. Perfect for a picnic, party, or any time you want to enjoy the fresh flavors of strawberries, this new, all-American classic is a tasty and sweet treat that everyone will devour.

A gourmet sweet, Strawberry Shortcake is a delightful dessert for the spring and summer seasons. Order Strawberry Shortcake online; this thaw-and-serve dessert is easy to serve after dinner for special occasions or whenever you’d like to indulge in the sweet treat. Simply let the 8" Strawberry Shortcake cake thaw before serving. Each cake serves up to eight people.

Strawberry Shortcake 8"

Remove all packaging prior to thawing. Thaw overnight under refrigeration. Serve at room temperature.