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Ranchero Steak and Beans Butcher's Breakfast

Ranchero Steak and Beans Butcher's Breakfast


Meal Serves 2
Fantastic and tasty breakfast meal! 


Breakfast from America's Original Butcher looks like this - hearty skillets sizzling with meaty classics made right. These new Butcher's Breakfasts put real, lean Omaha Steaks meats, high-quality ingredients, and big-flavor recipes on your table… plus, we've done all the work.

Ranchero Steak and Beans puts a Southwestern twist on the hearty classic breakfast. There's plenty of tender, seasoned steak, mixed with savory uncured bacon, fire-roasted tomatoes, tomatillos, green chiles, green & poblano peppers, and onion all sauteed in a sauce of lime juice, chili peppers, and sweet paprika. It's not spicy, but it's bold. This meal is a beefy, hearty start to a special day.
*Serving Suggestion: Add Over Easy Egg

This meal includes the following:

1 (16 oz. pkgs) Ranchero Steak and Beans Butcher's Breakfast         

Ranchero Steak and Beans Butcher's Breakfast
Open bag, remove sauce pouch. Place sauce pouch in bowl of hot water. Preheat 10" nonstick skillet to medium, add 1T. oil and contents of bag.. Cover and cook 8 minutes, stirring occasionally.. Uncover, add thawed sauce pouch and increase heat to medium-high. Cook uncovered for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally until sauce is hot and bubbling. Remove from heat and place contents of skillet meal into serving dishes. If desired top with your choice of cooked egg.

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