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Lots of Love Dinner
Serves 2
Serves 4

Lots of Love Lobster Dinner

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Meal serves 2 or 4
Perfect romanitc dinner.


Lots of Love Lobster Dinner. This complete Lobster banquet, fresh from the shore of Maine, contains all of your favorite lobster-laden comfort foods, hand selected for their quality and abundantly rich Lobster flavors. Meal serves 2 or 4.

This meal includes the following:

   Fresh-frozen 6-7 oz. Maine Lobster Tails.
   18 oz. Lobster Bisque.
   4 oz. Premium Crab Cakes.
   12 oz. Lobster Newburg
   Unsalted Butter.
   Shellers & Seafood Forks.
   Bibs & Moist Towelettes.

Fresh-frozen Maine Lobster Tails
Fill a pot with just enough water to cover your lobsters, place lobster tails aside for the moment. Add other seasonings to the water if you like, these are not necessary for cooking, though. Bring the water to a boil and carefully drop in your tails. Once the water returns to a soft boil, reduce the heat. Set your cooking timer to the appropriate time (see below), and simmer uncovered for the specified time.
Remove all tails from the water. Pick a tail to test for doneness. Using a knife, cut through the shell into the thickest part of the tail meat. The meat of a fully-cooked lobster tail is white with no sign of a translucent, grayish color. If you detect any translucency, or the roe (eggs) still appears black and shiny, put the tails back in the water for one-minute intervals until done. Err on the side of undercooking, you can always cook a bit longer to ensure perfect results. COOKING TIME:  Boil tails for 4 minutes. 

Lobster Bisque
On your stovetop, place the unopened soup pouch in boiling water. Heat for up to 10 minutes, until soup is hot and bubbling inside. Remove the pouch, but be careful, the content will be very hot. Secure the pouch in a bowl, holding it by its corners or seams, and then snip the corner off to pour soup into the serving dish. 

Premium Crab Cakes
To Bake: Preheat your oven or toaster oven to 400°F. Place the thawed cakes on a greased baking sheet or on non-stick foil. Bake on the center rack for 13-15 minutes, or until golden brown, turning on the broiler for last 1-2 minutes (watch to make sure the tops don't burn) 
To Pan-fry or Sauté:  Pan-fry in a non-stick pan over medium heat in vegetable oil or butter for approximately 5 minutes per side. 

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