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Diabetic Dinners Delivered

Diabetic Meal Pack 2


Seven diabetic meals for one
Cozy cuisines 


Diabetic Friendly Meals for One. These individually packaged meals for one are perfect for the person in need of a diabetic friendly diet. Microwavable and ready in minutes. Meals serve 1

This meal includes the following:

  • Honey BBQ Chicken Breast Patty with Broccoli & Sweet Potatoes
  • Pork Patty & Zesty Orange Rice with Green Peas & Carrots
  • Roast Turkey with Gravy, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans
  • Chicken Fillet with Honey Mustard Sauce, Herbed Quinoa, California Blend Vegetables
  • Italian Style Chicken Breast (Caponata) with Orzo & Spinach
  • Chicken Patty with Apricot Rice, Carrots, Brussels Sprouts 
  • Mesquite Smoked Salmon Cake, Brown Rice, Pineapple, Black Beans & Corn

Our Complete Meals Diabetic Friendly Special Diet Meals are designed with a dietitian to be healthy and low in sodium, and by our chefs to be delicious! Each meal has a main course and either one or two side dishes.
-Easy to Re-heat in the Microwave or Oven
-Low in Sodium <700mg (although most are <500mg)
-Controlled Carbohydrates (most meals 20-45g & not to exceed 65g)

If you purchase 2 Diabetic Meal Packs, receive $10.00 off using promo code: 2pack.

Heating Instructions 

Reheating Instructions: Reheating Instructions: KEEP FROZEN - Do Not Defrost. ?Appliances vary, adjust heating time accordingly. 
When serving, add salt & pepper to taste...Bon Appetit!

Microwave (Recommended Method):
1. No need to puncture film.
2. Microwave on HIGH for 4 -5 minutes or until heated through
3. Carefully remove film and serve.

1. No need to puncture film.
2. Heat in 350 degree oven for 25-30 minutes, or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Easy to Re-heat in the Microwave or Oven
Low in Sodium <700mg (although most are <500mg)
Controlled Carbohydrates (most meals 20-45g & not to exceed 65g)

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  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
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Yea! They liked it!
My parents really enjoyed the gift of food we bought them.They said that they actually split the diabetic meal for one for lunches.
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating: 5/5
Posted by *
05/24/2018 - 10:01 AM
I will not hesitate to choose another Meal Pack when shopping for her.
This is the first time I ordered my mother a Meal Pack 2 rather than selecting the dishes individually. She was VERY pleased with the variety of the meals....beef, chicken, turkey, etc.
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating: 5/5
Posted by *
10/01/2018 - 01:04 PM
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