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Filet Mignon Pieces Delivered
4 (8 oz pkgs)
8 (8 oz pkgs)

Filet Mignon Pieces

Starting at $59.99

Hearty and versatile chunks can be added to any recipe.


Imagine your best, go-to recipe for chili, stew, stroganoff, or stir-fry - now imagine adding in the unmistakable tenderness of filet mignon!

It all starts with our master butchers selecting the very best grain-fed beef tenderloins. Then, those tenderloins are naturally aged at least 21 days to maximize tenderness and create our signature filet experience renowned the world over. Next, each tenderloin is carved into steaks and trimmed to remove imperfections. Finally, those fork-tender meat masterpieces are cut into chunks and flash frozen to ensure perfect delivery to your door.

When you're ready to flavor-charge your favorite recipe, simply thaw in the refrigerator, and saute in a pan with butter for just a few minutes (they're filet mignon, after all, and don't require much cook time). Order now and let your imagination run wild!

This meal includes:

   4 or 8 (8 oz pkgs) Filet Mignon Pieces

Thaw in Refrigerator.

Pan Saute: Heat a small amount of butter or oil in a saute pan over medium heat. Add tenderloin pieces and saute approximately 2-3 minutes. Serve over rice or noodles. Use as meat for authentic chili or in a favorite stew recipe.

Note: Pieces are as tender as Filet Mignons, therefore it is not necessary to cook them for more than a few minutes.

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