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Barbecue Meals

Pit Master BBQ


Meal Serves 8
One of our traditional favorites with a new twist.


Nobody knows great barbecue better than the Pit Master. Our own Tim Keegan, the man who can transform a plain ol' cut of meat into a barbecue masterpiece, proudly presents the signature selections he loves best. And who can argue? We think his Baby Backs are the best in the world, and his Brisket and Burnt Ends clearly reflect the love and care that go into each and every batch. With brisket-filled Hickory Pit Beans and our velvety Cheesy Corn Bake to balance the flavors, resistance is futile. Meal serves 8

This meal includes the following: 

1 (full slab) Baby Back Ribs 
1 (28 oz.) Sliced Beef Brisket 
1 (lb.) Beef Burnt Ends 
1 (32 oz.) Hickory Pit Beans 
1 (15 oz.) Cheesy Corn Bake 
1 (13 oz.) KC Original BBQ Sauce
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