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Meals for One Delivered to Someone
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Meals for One - 8 Days (Menu 2)


Each Meal Serves One
Eight convenient single serving meals.


These Meals for One (8 single meals) have been handpicked for people dining alone. All items on are sold for these packages are individually wrapped. With these packages we include our Single-Serving Side Dishes. Each dinner includes 8 complete meals for one person. Menu is subject to change daily.

This meal includes the following:

Chicken Parmigiana, Rosemary Potatoes
Beef Teriyaki, Fresh Cut Corn Medley
Portobello/Shiitake Mushroom Ravioli, Whole-Grain Rolls
Many Bean Soup, Stuffed Baked Potato
Chicken Parmigiana, Creamy Spinach
Beef Teriyaki, Rice Pilaf 
Portobello/Shiitake Mushroom Ravioli, French Bread
Many Bean Soup, Stuffed Baked Potato


Chocolate Ganache Cake (2 servings) 
U-Bake Apple-Raisin Strudel (2 servings) 

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General Instructions: Prepare from THAWED state for best results.To thaw product, remove from freezer on the morning of the day of use. Product may be refrigerated up to 3 days prior to use. Individual appliance cooking times will vary. Adjust cooking time accordingly.

Microwave: Remove plastic packaging from paper tray. Place tray on a plate in the microwave for heating. Heat for 4-5 minutes or until heated thoroughly. Carefully place onto a plate and serve.

Oven: Preheat oven to 350F. Remove plastic packaging from paper tray. Cover paper tray with foil and place in oven on a baking sheet. Heat for 25-35 minutes or until hot. Carefully remove foil and place onto a plate and serve.

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Gourmet Chocolate Cake
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The best chocolate cake delivery.

Gourmet Chocolate Desserts
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Divine combination of chocolate and caramel.

Gourmet Carrot Cake
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Serves 8
Traditional, tasty, and lovingly crafted using the finest ingredients.

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The experience was great! It's such a great way to show someone you care from a distance!
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