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Family Pack


Meal Serves 10-14
BBQ dinner perfect for any family gathering.


Family Pack. Want to reduce a crowd of deserving folks to a giggling comfort coma? Our Family Pack offers fine BBQ in industrial quantities. Two full slabs of our award-winning unsauced pork spare ribs. Two pounds each of our Strawberry Hill recipe BBQ sausage and our moist and meaty pork burnt ends. Throw in a quart each of our legendary Hickory Pit Beans and Cheesy Corn Bake. A jar each of KC Original BBQ Sauce and KC Spicy BBQ Sauce accompany a bottle of KC All Purpose Rub. And of course an official Pit General's had hat for the master or mistress of ceremonies. Certifiably yumyum. All Products are shipped fully cooked and frozen. Meal serves 10-14 

This meal includes the following: 

2 (slabs) Pork Spare Ribs
2 (lbs.) Pork Burnt Ends 
2 (lbs.) Barbecue Sausage 
1 (32 oz.) Hickory Pit Beans 
1 (30 oz.) Cheesy Corn Bake 
1 (18 oz.) KC Original BBQ Sauce 
1 (18 oz.) KC Spicy BBQ Sauce
1 ( 7 oz.) KC All Purpose Rub
Official Pit General Hat

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