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Saturday, May 28 2016

It’s a holiday this weekend, we wanted to share a fun family food idea that will make what you bring to this weekend’s party food stand out! 


Hellmann’s Squeeze Mayo
Paprika -optional for color
Red, Blue food safe kitchen dye OR if you have an old Easter Egg kit w/ the tabs, that works too
1) Cut up your hard boiled eggs (make sure they are cooled down) placing yoke in a bowl. 

2) Add vinegar and water to a bowl in a  3 to 1 ratio. For us, the vinegar had almost no bearing on the egg flavor, but you only dye them for short periods at a time. If you do leave your eggs for very vibrant dying, the white portion of the eggs can taste more tart.  As you can likely see by the photos, I put dye direction on the eggs attempting to make a striped flag….um. Ok, so here’s the thing. The dye goes RIGHT INTO the egg so you could do this for super dark eggs, but it also spreads so any attempt on making a stripe is pretty much out the window unless you use a paintbrush. And that it’s entirely too much work for deviled eggs. 

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