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Wednesday, December 04 2019

Giving Christmas food gifts has always been a popular idea, but is increasing, given the wonderful ways to present them. For years, people have baked cookies and given them away as gifts. Favorite family recipes have been put to good use sharing the results with others. Cookies in shapes of wreaths, snowmen and bells are among the popular designs when giving cookie gifts.

Homemade fudge and candy are also high on the list of Christmas gifts. We have a delicious and easy to make fudge recipe that we make and give away. My daughter has made her own candy with Christmas candy molds. Isn't it a treat to receive gifts of food that someone else has made? It always tastes better, for some reason, than something you make yourself.

Especially in hard economic times, giving food gifts for Christmas is a wise option. You can create a beautiful gift on a small budget. It takes more of your time, but it's worth the financial savings, not to mention how much the gifts will be enjoyed.

You can dress up your food gifts in a pretty basket or gift bag. It makes a simple gift look like so much more when it comes all wrapped in a holiday bag or basket. Put some red and green tissue paper or filler in it and you have made a beautiful gift.

My mom used to make a popcorn mixture with nuts and butter. It was so good! A mix like that, put in a Christmas tin, would really be a treat to give to someone.

Special blends of herbal tea are also nice gifts. At our grocery store, every Christmas season, they come out with holiday blends of tea and they are great! I always give my sister one of the new blends and she loves it!

Cheese balls make nice gifts with a box of gourmet crackers. Our neighbors down the street bring up a homemade cheese ball, crackers and a card every Christmas. It's such a nice touch and we look forward to it each year.

Whatever your favorites are at Christmas time, make some extra and give it away. It's a gift you can be sure will be enjoyed and not put away in a drawer, never to be seen again.

Schedule in some extra time this season and make some Christmas food gifts to be given away. Put on some Christmas music while you are preparing the gifts and it will be enjoyable for you too!

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