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Wednesday, August 21 2019

Getting the Basics Right: Vegan is Different from Vegetarianism

Vegans and vegetarians both do not eat meat. However, vegetarians have the freedom to devour eggs and dairy products but vegans avoid consuming animal products, including eggs and dairy and animal-based products such as leather, wool, and silk. For Vegans, bathing essentials and other products made with animal fats are inacceptable. Vegetarianism is customarily a diet, whereas Veganism is a lifestyle. Vegetarians frequently pick their diet based on its recounted fitness benefits or may be for spiritual and political motives. Vegans might boast about having much stronger principles but their niche is not driven by laws or regulations.

Your Perception Matters: Veganism is tough! Still why follow it?

Going Vegan is not easy. Many people choose the vegan way of life because of ecological concerns and protecting animals. Others opt for veganism for fitness and overall well-being. According to research studies, vegans have a greater tendency to have lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and better overall health when compared to meat feeders from the same demographic and case study conditions. With veganism spreading across the globe more data collation and analysis indicates that vegans have reduced risk of developing diabetes and certain types of cancers.

Your Reality Check: The True Definition of "Veganism"

Veganism is defined as a lifestyle that pursues to eliminate all forms of mistreating or being unkind to animals. Contemporary interpretation also suggests an equal emphasis on lifestyle choices being eco-friendly, reducing your carbon footprints and converging these practices in everyday schedules. The appeal and prospects for vegan products is now at an all-time high, escalating gradually. However, consumers need to realize that everything terms natural or organic is not Vegan and every Vegan item might not disclose its preparation in terms of having harmed animals.

Currently Trending: Changing Image of Veganism

The rapid growth of vegan trends indicates that veganism is on the upswing. It is being adopted across age-groups and geographies where meat consumption was once the norm. One of the world's wealthiest men, Bill Gates, considers veganism as the "the future of food". Veganism has been hemming into the mainstream for years, cajoled along by international personalities and celebrities including Bill Clinton, Ellen De Generes and Beyoncé. But currently, it is flourishing as followers are pursuing veganism more aggressively, demanding that they get produce that does not harm the environment and animals in any way.

What does trend data indicate?

According to a study, 13% of consumers related vegan products with cleaner food supplies, 12% with more sustainable weight loss, 11% with environmental concern and 8% with communal responsibility.

Vegan Meal Options Spread in Mainstream Venues

With the recent upswing in adopting Veganism, even premium brands with a typically commercial set-up are relooking at their menus. For instance, Starbucks has also included vegan drinks in its menu. Now, you can get yourself a hot or an iced coffee with soy or coconut milk. Brand like Starbucks have unveiled non-dairy milk options as the demand can be no longer neglected Starbucks is not the only global brand bending to the increasing demand for vegan selections. Its fellow competitor, Dunkin Donuts, has also included almond milk as a substitute for dairy-sourced milk. More fast-food chains are jumping aboard the vegan trend. The emerging market is increasingly getting pro-Vega because there is a steady and rising demand-simple market dynamics!

Final Thoughts

Although some vegans might argue that merchandizing veganism weakens the principles that drives this lifestyle choice, becoming mainstream is more beneficial overall-the larger picture clearly depicts lesser stress on the environment if veganism continues to be a preference across local communities. From bistros and dining joints to local bakeries, providing a vegan spread is becoming easier. The growing awareness about animal-free food choices also means demanding purer, chemical-free everyday living essentials. Every indicator clearly suggests that vegan lifestyle is acceptable and practicable.

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