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Tuesday, August 20 2019

Best answer: You can send individual fully prepared meals as a gift.

How to send a meal as a gift?

You can buy an e-Giftcard on the Send a Meal site to send a box of fresh meals as a gift. Send a Meal offers a gift voucher for two or four people. You recipient can choose a fully prepared meal that includes an entree and dessert. There a vegetarian meals to choose from too, You cannot choose in advance the specific meals your recipient will eat. 

Once you buy the e-Giftcard, your recipients will get the chance to pick their meal. There are meat meals, vegetarian, family-friendly, and 'healthy' options available on a changing weekly basis. If your recipient is a fan, Say hello to our coupons, or offers that accompany the gift, No subscription commitment will be required to redeem the e-Giftcard.

Should you send a meal as a gift?

Yes! It is like sending a gift certificate to a great resturant all at once. In fairness, Send a Meal is better than sending a Hello Fresh kit. Kits require cooking and dealing with recipes.. You are probably more likely to send a meal as a gift because our meals are fully prepared. You know this if you're a Hello Fresh former subscriber to several different meal kits, We do not have any reoccurring billing or auto shipments. Send a Meal gives you and your recipient complete control over which meals your recipients will eat. 

It is a gift with a surprising amount of effort involved, You are essentially sending someone a complete dinner that only needs to be reheated. Your gift is choosing an occasion and letting us do the preparation. You are not actually gifting the meal. You are gifting the sentiment, and we are doing the rest of the work.

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