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Monday, September 23 2013

The unique characteristics of Japanese Wagyu cattle (better known as Kobe Beef cattle) are what makes it the finest beef in the world. Wagyu are known for intense marbling and a buttery taste; of course marbling is fat and fat is bad right? Well some fats are, but we actually need good fats in our diet plus fat makes everything taste better. Wagyu cattle, specifically the Tajima Bloodline Wagyu Cattle, are the only bloodline used in Japan to produce Kobe Beef have been studied by Texas A and M University and the results were astounding; this Wagyu bloodline is 30% higher in mono unsaturated fats and the remaining fat is high in stearic acid, which is a healthy type of fat. So not only do you get the juiciest, most buttery steak known to man you also get a reasonably healthy meal out of it.

There are some journalists who have been trying to slander the Wagyu cattle in America, saying that Americans can't possibly raise the same Wagyu cattle they do in Japan to make Kobe beef and get a similar product. Well this is ridiculous. They have obviously never tried high quality American Wagyu beef or researched the facts or they could not possibly say that. Either the journalists did not thoroughly research both sides of the issue or possibly they have another agenda against American Wagyu.

Of course there may be a few ranchers selling Wagyu that is not up to par (as with anything), but for the most part what I have found is that 98% of Wagyu ranchers produce high quality Wagyu beef. It is easy to spot a inferior Wagyu steak, as you will see a noticeable difference in marbling. I have tried a lot of American Wagyu and all the steaks are crazy good and even the Wagyu ground beef is like eating a fine steak burger. It's not like normal ground beef at the store; it has a juicy buttery taste and melts in your mouth you almost can't explain it unless you have tried it.

I hope everyone will try this stuff because if you do you will see why Kobe Beef has become so famous. The cattle are different than typical breeds and it takes many years to raise Wagyu correctly; they are known for their slow growth rates and most are not even butchered until around 36 months of age. Angus cattle grow very quickly and can be butchered around 18 months old but to get this kind of high quality fine beef takes time, like anything good time seems to play a part. I could go on and on about this breed, as its being raised by our American farmers & ranchers here at home. I am totally blown away by the meat and the health benefits that come with it. Check out the site below- they have more info on the breed.

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