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Monday, March 03 2008

While many of us are trying to figure out how to switch to healthy cooking these days, to a lot of people this is a foreign concept. "Healthy cooking" still inspires visions of chewy, flavorless tofu and boring lettuce leaves to many skeptics, making it very difficult to get those people to make healthy eating choices.

Luckily, the healthy cooking movement has progressed such a long way in just the last few years. As Americans are starting to realize that their health is in danger from the way they eat, more and more people are turning to healthy cooking to help them live longer and healthier lives.

So how do you start a program of healthy cooking in your house without being met with cries of protest and demands for fast food hamburgers? The best way is to ease into it. Start replacing some of the meat in your meals with more vegetables. Add one new food a week to keep your meals interesting and fun.

Cooking for Picky Eaters of All Ages

If you are trying to switch to healthy cooking for kids, adding new foods can actually be distressing for them. Never force them to eat new foods; rather, just keep quietly offering the new foods at mealtime. Eventually, the new foods will be familiar and your kids won't reject them just because they are unknown.

Healthy cooking for adults can be just as challenging. It's difficult to break a lifelong habit of eating high-fat, high-calorie and low-nutrition food. The best way to start is by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Not only will this add interest and some new tastes and textures, but it will also help to fill you up with less food.

Healthy cooking is all about using the flavors and textures and even the appearance of food to please the eater. It's not about depriving yourself and telling yourself that you must eat nothing but lettuce and tofu. Healthy cooking involves learning how to cook foods in a way that is more beneficial to your body while still pleasing your taste buds.

The most important healthy cooking tip to remember is this: food is nourishment, but it is also a great source of joy. Not many people eat solely for the purpose of fueling their bodies. This is our primary reason for eating, but we also long for a pleasant eating experience. The smells, the tastes, and the feel of the food all contribute to the experience. Healthy cooking just involves adding another dimension to that experience: knowing that you are doing something positive for your body.

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