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Tuesday, October 16 2012

With the season of merrymaking knocking at the door and Thanksgiving waiting to strike the opening bell, invitations are being extended everywhere and menus are being finalized. Soon the holiday season will begin and the offices will remain closed; but how about organizing a party at your office just before that? The workplace is after all where you spend a major part of your day; so, why not make it a part of your celebrations too? With a host of modern-day event management solutions available it is not at all difficult to plan a Thanksgiving office party. Simply opt for the best Thanksgiving party registration solution, and the rest will simply fall in place.


Here are a few Thanksgiving office party tricks, which you may consider depending on the size of your workplace:

Let us start with smaller party plans. For example, if you are working in a relatively large organization with numerous departments, and you want to restrict your celebration to your own department, coordinate pot luck amongst your colleagues. Include all the must-have food areas such as turkey, cranberry sauce, assorted salads, drinks, and desserts, and your colleagues will just love it. You can manage the invitations and food arrangement on your own with a little help from a few of your acquaintances, but it always helps if you opt for a Thanksgiving event registration solution which also has an in-built emailing tool to send out quick invites.

The software makes the registration process much simpler allowing your guests to access the online forms at their own time of convenience. Online registration also makes managing the accounts more accurate and convenient. If you create an account with the solution provider for the Thanksgiving purpose, it will be easier for your guests to deposit their contributions online. If you are in charge of keeping accounts, this system will, in turn, enable you to keep a track on which of your colleagues have already contributed and who are still left to pay the amount fixed for the potluck.

Creating an account for a purpose such as this might seem like an extravagant investment, but then you should not forget that Thanksgiving is an annual occasion. Next year, when you will be assigned with the task of planning a similar event before the Thanksgiving Day, this account will come in so handy. So, go ahead with the plan and enable your guests to make the payment online, a mode they are most comfortable availing.

Now, coming to slightly large scale Thanksgiving parties, the event registration solution will surely be your best choice to zero in on such an occasion. You can create and publish a thanksgiving event and party registration page online with the help of the software in minutes. The page can be customized with signature Thanksgiving themes such as autumn leaves, a scarecrow's face, pumpkins, cornucopia, or a pilgrim's hat, apart from the usual office logo, and tiered pricing categories.

By accessing this page anytime during the day, attendees will be able to get the information about the party and the venue and make their payment decisions accordingly. The best part of the online registration software is that it includes an embedded email messaging and a host of other productivity tools. You will be able to send as many invitations, reminders, and RSVPs as you want to across the departments by using this application and set up an online calendar for your guests to regularly follow the updates. Finally, for promoting the event within your office to encourage maximum participation you can make use of the facilities such as the social media platforms, promo codes, discounts, and waitlist manager, which come embedded with the Thanksgiving party registration software.

Jonathan is a professional event planner. Event professionals worldwide are increasingly relying on automated software to streamline the Thanksgiving event registration, payment management, and attendee relationship management. Acteva is the market leader in providing thanksgiving party registration solutions at competitive price.

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