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Wednesday, August 01 2012
Food is a basic need of our body. It is our major source of nutrients which gives our body enough energy to maintain a regular day. An average person could eat up to six times a day, while some merely eat two times a day. Without food our body will weaken to the point of dying. It is essential to eat three healthy meals a day for a better life.

 However, not all food gives us the nutrients our body desires. Most of the foods people eat now days are considered to be junk by our body. They are called junk foods. Junk foods are defined as foods with no nutritional value, while some do have some nutrients; they are considered to be unhealthy when eaten regularly. Junk foods are also found to alter our brains like that of cocaine and heroin. These foods are often ready to eat containing saturated fats, salts and sugars. Common junk foods are chips, gums and candies. Now who would want to invest their money on junk?

Having a healthy diet insures as a bright future, it gives us a security that we could live longer and healthier. But not all realize the importance of eating a healthy food. Many still opt to eat foods which could offer their taste buds the satisfaction they need. They tend to choose foods which they think taste better. We do know that junk foods taste much better than healthy foods.

Cancer, arthritis, kidney failure, heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes are just some of deadly diseases which are very common in today's generation and are considered to be the effect of the wrong food we eat. These diseases are feared by many yet continue to eat the way they wanted, not considering the fact that these diseases could be avoided by choosing the right food. Most people depend on the idea that some of these diseases could be cured. And they tend to forget that it is always better to prevent it.

Would you rather spend your old age wondering where to get money for your maintenance or just simply take a vacation wherever you want for you have lived a healthy life and continued to live one? It may not be obvious, but food is an investment and a wise one if done with certain considerations. Yes, healthy foods don't taste good as junk foods but we should always remember that it pays to be healthy.
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