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Tuesday, January 15 2008

Leftovers - A Makeover Story

Most refrigerators are filled with leftovers. While a lot of us hate to let food go to waste, the only option is to reuse food we didn't eat a few days previous and create dinner out of leftovers. While leftovers were once a delicious meal, sadly, to many family members they are no longer appealing. Fear not, with just a few suggestions, you can cook savory meals yet again simply by using leftovers. Here are some options.

Mix Your Leftover Meat Dishes with Fresh Pasta

One way to recreate a great meal from your leftovers is to mix it with fresh ingredients. In this example, pasta works good with many different beef and chicken dishes. Use thin spaghetti, wide noodles, wagon wheels, spirals, the sky's the limit with your meat leftovers. Add gravy, ketchup, tomato sauce or even chili to to turn an ordinary dish into an extraordinary dish.

Vegetable Dishes with Rice- Twice as Nice

If you have leftover vegetable dishes that you would like to reuse, one of the best ways to do so is to mix it with rice. Whether you choose white or brown rice, you can cook an excellent vegetable alternative and make it into an entirely new meal. Many times with vegetables, you have a small opportunity to use them as leftover before they become limp. Strive to keep them crisp and fresh.

Create Soups with Leftovers

If you are stuck with a few meals in your refrigerator and you don't know how to use them, you can always toss them into a pot and make delicious soup. Whether it is chicken, turkey, hamburger meat or beef, creating flavorful soup out of leftovers makes sense and also is quite good.

Making soups using leftover is extremely simple. You can usually add in any sliced meat and chopped vegetable into some broth or cream to create a great tasting soup. Even old bread comes in handy.

Use Leftover Fruit for Fruit Smoothies

In general, many homes will find a couple leftover apples, oranges or bananas in their refrigerator. While the occasional piece of fruit is not necessarily a leftover, most all fruit can be used to make awesome fruit smoothies. Fruit smoothies are easily prepared with some milk, yogurt, fruit and a blender. Not only are they healthy, but perfect for a treat or even breakfast. Fruit smoothies are ideal for leftover fruit or even slightly over ripen fruit. Mixed with lots of other ingredients, they still taste awesome and won't go unused.

The next time you look deep into your refrigerator and see all the meals from the past week, don't worry, utilize them to recreate new meals, soups and even yummy desserts.

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