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Tuesday, November 27 2007
Different cuts of meat require different methods of cooking. Some should be cooked in liquid while others should not. How tender the finished product is depends on how it is cooked. A less tender cut of meat such as round steak is covered and cooked with liquid for longer than you would fry or grill a t-bone steak. I tend to get really perturbed when someone ruins an expensive cut of meat by not knowing how to cook it.

Take the prime rib dinner I was invited to one time. Now this person tried hard to make a good impression. The entrees were good and everything smelled delicious, so I was expecting a juicy prime rib to be served. When it was time to bring on the meat I was horrified to see a crock pot being brought to the dinner table. There it was, a beautiful prime rib roast swimming in a pot of fat. I may have audibly groaned. Now there is nothing wrong with using a crock pot. I use one myself, just not for prime rib.

I usually purchase a boneless rib roast. I make certain the cap of fat is left on. That is needed if the roast is to be tasty. I marinade my prime rib overnight in dark German beer and fresh garlic cloves. I prefer the imported beer over domestic. It gives a better flavor. I place the meat on a rack in a baking pan after it has marinated. making sure to have the fat side up. I use a meat thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the meat. DO NOT COVER! The fat cap on the meat will melt and baste the roast. The fat will be collected in the bottom of the roasting pan. The meat will be fork tender and not greasy.

I turn the oven to 400-degrees and roast the meat for 20-minutes, then the oven is turned down to 250-degrees. When the temperature reaches 150-degrees on the thermometer, I take the meat out of the oven. It will continue cooking and reach 160-degrees after it rests for at least 10-minutes. If the meat is cut too soon after roasting, all the juices will run out and the result will be dry meat. ALWAYS LET YOUR MEAT REST BEFORE CARVING.

Everything I write about is from personal observation and life experiences. I love to cook and prepare foods in different ways. I like sharing my experiences about food and cooking.

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