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Tuesday, June 07 2011

During the hot summer, the metabolism of human body is very vigorous, so a large number of nutrition has to be consumed. People always sleep less in summer, and their appetite will be reduced. At the same time, they would sweat a lot in summer, which may also easily consume a large number of water and nutrition. As a result, experts remind: during this period, people should pay special attention to their daily diet. In the following section, we will introduce four suggestions for you, so as to keep you healthy in summer.

Firstly, drink more soup. Because of the high temperature in summer, people tend to sweat a lot. In such a case, a large number of body fluid will be lost. Drinking soup not only can supply enough water to the body timely, but it is also helpful for the digestion and absorption. There are many kinds of simple and healthy soup that can prevent heat stroke in summer, such as hawthorn soup, mung beans soup, sweet-sour plum soup, honeysuckle soup, and so on.

Secondly, drink more tea. The researchers have made test on two groups of people. The first group are those who drink warm tea in summer; and the second group are those who drink cold beverage. The result shows that drinking warm tea can reduce the skin temperature by 1 to 2 degrees, while cold drinks do not have such an effect. The first group people say that, after drinking warm tea, they feel cool, refreshing and comfortable, and their thirst feeling completely disappears. For those who always work in a high-temperature environment, they can add some salt in the tea, so as to make up for the salt lost in the sweat. This is much more beneficial to the prevention of heat stroke.

Thirdly, eat more porridge. During the hot summer, the intestines and stomach will be stimulated by summer heat, and their function will be weakened accordingly. This may make people easily suffer from fatigue, loss of appetite and other discomforts. If it is serious, it may even lead to heat stroke. Porridge can be easily absorbed and digested by the body, so it is very beneficial to the health of the intestines and stomach. Mung beans porridge and lotus seed porridge are good choices.

Fourthly, eat more melons. Melons are juicy and sweet, which not only can help produce saliva and slack thirst, but also can clear away summer heat. For example, watermelon is the best fruit in summer. It contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamins C, which has a good effect in relieving summer heat. What's more, other melons such as casaba and cucumber are also good choices.

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