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Wednesday, June 01 2011

Eating is something we all must do. All around the world there are millions of people eating foods and dishes that we have never heard of. Using ingredients that are only native to the geographic area in which they live to provide nutritious meals.

The world has become smaller with the advent of faster travel. This has allowed more people to take their native dishes into new geographical areas and also the ingredients can now be imported making these dishes more accessible to be created more authentically.

Cooking is not just about sustenance. Cooking is about bringing people together. Food that is tasty and nutritious inspires conversation, love and community not to mention variety in the diet.

Gone are the days when cooking required hours of training and learning. There is no reason why the most interesting and delicious meals cannot be created in the home kitchen. The excuse "I can't cook" is not really an excuse. A handful of simple recipes will keep meal time interesting.

Another excuse that is touted is "I don't have time to cook". You can increase your time to prepare quality meals by decreasing the time you troll the supermarket isles. By arming your pantry with food staples and just topping up you will cut down on the supermarket isle visits you need to make when shopping. This will also involve the cutting down on low nutritional products such as snack foods that eat into your shopping budget. The time you save shopping is guaranteed to give you more time with your family cooking great meals.

Streamlining your grocery shopping and increasing your cooking will decrease your food bill but increase the quality of the food you eat. It is satisfying and exciting.

Refrain from turning to packet mixes to create your meals. Packet mixes are full of ingredients that are numbers, modified dried ingredients and are comaritively expensive to using fresh ingredients. These packet mixes are designed to emulate fresh ingredients but have no nutritious value. You will be surprised that the quality of your equivalent meal will be better and tastier than anything created from a packet mix.

Turn mealtime into family time. This is easy to do. Give everybody a job and your meals will be more than just a time to eat but a time to bond and share the love of food.

Eating fast foods, pre-packaged foods and additives is a not only nutritiously bad but poor economy. A few simple changes will ensure the family get variety and quality balanced meals that will bring the family together.

Katherine Quirke is a successful Australian based business entrepreneur with an IT background, has owned a number of businesses over the last 20 years. Not only does she run her own business but enjoys gardening, cooking and sewing. She is now sharing her cooking passion and recipes online Visit:

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