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Sunday, May 01 2011

Are you tired of the same old routine on Mother's Day? Well here are some new ideas, and some rehashed old ideas to help you enjoy that special day with your mother. While it seems almost a tradition to take your mother out for brunch on Mothers Day, perhaps this year you could try something else. Especially since restaurants know they will get a crowd, and therefore they can raise their prices at will. So if your mother really craves a Mothers Day Brunch, invite her a week before or after the actual day. This way you don't have to fight the crowds, and the prices will be lower. And by doing this you actually get to spend two days with your mother instead of just one.

If you live in a climate where the weather is nice you can take your mother out for a picnic lunch. Enjoy the cool breeze under the shade of a tree with a nice lunch that you made. Be sure to pack some of her favorite foods, so she feels you went all out for her. After lunch take her for ice cream. Another idea would be to take your mother bowling. Sure she doesn't bowl everyday, but the bowling alleys are less crowded on Mothers Day so she won't feel overwhelmed. Even if she never bowled in her life, trying something new is always interesting and fun.

Maybe there is a movie in the theaters that your mother is dying to see. Treat her to a movie and make sure you buy her all the popcorn and candy she can eat. It is only one day a year, so make sure she enjoys. If you are a male chances are you won't like the movie she wants to see, but just think of all the things your mother did for you in your life that she didn't want to do. Perhaps you could to the mall and get your picture taken with your mother. For a relatively cheap price you can have yourself professionally photographed with your mother, and she can proudly display the finished product in her house.

Pamper your mother on mothers day by taking her to a spa, especially if you live in New York City. Maybe she has been working so hard and needs a nice message or aromatherapy to release her stress. Or if she doesn't want to go to a spa buy her special soaps and oils so she can relax at her leisure in her tub. There a hundreds of different types of soaps and oils that have delicious flavors. You could also buy her scented candles that she could light by her tub, and enjoy the serenity. Regardless of what you choose make sure you do something extraordinary for the woman that took care of you your whole life.

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