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Thursday, April 14 2011
Breakfast in bed may be a traditional way for treating mothers, but a special Mother's Day brunch can be so much better. Mothers don't always feel their freshest first thing in the morning, so why not let them get ready for the day first so that they can really enjoy your hard work.

Every mother is unique so there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to the perfect Mother's Day brunch. So start by deciding whether a large get together with family and friends or a small intimate get together is the best choice for the special mother you plan to spoil. If you have more than one mother to treat this year then of course putting on a bigger due to accommodate them all can be just as special.

Perhaps the most important part of planning your marvelous Mother's Day brunch is making it pretty. Women have a keen eye for detail and when it comes to taste 90% of it is all in the presentation. So even if you are not so confident in your cooking skills you can easily make up for it with decor.

What to serve for drinks for your Mother's Day brunch? Bloody Mary cocktails and mimosas can be fun to start with and used for toasting to special mothers. Though sparking grape juices and a variety of fresh fruit juices are also great choices, especially for those who don't drink alcohol. Also consider getting some flavored teas to try out, which can also make for great conversation starters.

If you are putting on a large scale Mother's Day brunch then serving it up buffet style may be your only choice unless you can recruit some help. Though, if you can con the kids into helping out as your serving staff for your Mother's Day brunch! You can be sure it will be a lot of fun for everyone even if there are a few dropped dishes.

Regardless of the number of diners at your Mother's Day brunch, keeping your foods small and dainty makes for a great personalized touch. Think cute heart shaped stuffed french toast, individual sized quiches, fancy looking fruit parfaits as well as fresh and fruity salads. Or if cooking and catering really isn't your thing at all then consider whisking her away to a fancy restaurant like the Bouchon at the top of the tower at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for an unforgettable Mother's Day brunch.

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