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Monday, April 11 2011
 The Greek Shipping Magnet, and one time richest man in the world, Aristotle Onassis, once said: "To be successful, keep looking tanned, live in an elegant building, even if you're in the cellar, be seen in smart restaurants, even if you only nurse one drink and if you borrow, borrow big."

He lived a real life of luxury, not just the illusion that he suggested mere mortals should create so they too could get rich. But what particular food items are essential for the rich (and often famous) when they're sat in their 'smart restaurants'? And will that one drink wipe the rest of our bank balance out?

The following food and drink are synonymous with luxury.

Matsutake Mushrooms

The Matsutake, or Mattake mushroom is rare almost to extinction, and excessively expensive. It is a smoky spicy smelling fungus that grows mainly in Japan, in the past it has been successfully harvested during the autumn months. However, more recently blight has affected the tree where the mushroom naturally flourishes. Harvesting the Matsutake is relatively easy but it is yet to be farmed successfully, so sourcing it in an increasingly hostile wild environment pushes up the price up to $2000 per kilo.

Italian White Alba Truffle

But Matsutake mushrooms are not the only first-class fungi. The second most expensive food in the world, by weight, the truffle, is a rare delicacy and so known as the King of Fungi. Truffles are difficult to cultivate, so as they need to be sourced by pigs or dogs, this is timely, takes skill, experience and expertise and so is expensive. The most expensive truffle ever weighs in 1.51 kilograms (3.3 lbs) and cost $160 406 USD, it was sold to a property tycoon from Hong Kong for his wife, who is said to love Italian White Alba Truffles.


Caviar needs no introduction and is simply fish eggs from the Sturgeon Fish in the Caspian and Black Sea. Iranian caviar is extremely rare and the most expensive food in the world by weight. Onassis and friends would eat it with mother of pearl spoons and an accompaniment of champagne.


Rap stars and royalty alike favour the delicate fizz of what is France's finest export - Champagne. There are many champagne houses from which to choose their favourite, including Krug and Moet et Chandon. But the most expensive champagne ever (if you really want to christen the boat before you push it out) is Cristal Brut, a bottle from 1900 cost $17,625 when sold in 2005.


If you thought champagne was more expensive than wine, think again. A bottle of Chateau Lafitte sold for $160,000 and a 1947 bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild nearly $115,000. Both of these meaty reds would sit well at any billionaires table.


Believe it or not, the rich can buy ultra expensive bottled water to flaunt their status at any smart restaurant. Bling H2O is the domain of the celebrity retailing at around $40 for a 750ml bottle. But the King of water is undoubtedly Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani it sells for $60,000 per 1.25 ml bottle, the water is a mix from France, Iceland and Fiji and the bottle is 24 carat gold. So much for nursing one drink!

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