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Saturday, November 17 2007
The holidays are approaching which means enjoying a family meal with loved-ones. Noshing on cookies, drinking alcohol and eating high fat foods all can hurt your waistline. Most Americans gain an average of 1 pound between Thanksgiving and New Years. This is over 50% of the total weight gain of the average American for an entire year. In addition, the average American consumes 4500 calories and 229 grams of fat just on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving does not have to come with extra pounds. You do not have deprive yourself or sacrifice taste in order to enjoy your holiday meal. Maintaining your weight during the holidays is probably more sensible than trying to lose. Just try a couple of these simple tips:

• Portion Control - Portion control is one of the most important components in maintaining your weight during the holidays. This allows you to eat all the enjoyable foods but within moderation. Use a smaller plate and do not go up for second servings. If you want to enjoy dessert, cut a very small piece of cake or pie and eat very slowly. Try to savor each mouthful.

• Substitutions- Substitute high fat ingredients with low fat ingredients. For instance, when making mashed potatoes use low fat milk instead of cream.

• Turkey - Turkey has little fat. However, using white meat without the skin is your best choice. Try to use more seasonings for a more flavorful turkey.

• Gravy - Skim the fat from the top or use low fat broth

• Stuffing - Use whole wheat bread and use more vegetables in the stuffing. In addition, cook the stuffing separately from the turkey to prevent soaking extra from the turkey.

• Cooking Habits - Refrain from taste testing while cooking and don't leave food on the counter. The temptation before your guests arrive might be hard to resist.

• Salad - Fill up on salad with low calorie dressing before you start with the main course. You will eat less during dinner. Make sure the salad consists of raw vegetables and refrain from high calorie toppings

• Drink lots of water

• Vegetables - Steaming vegetables and serving a crudite with low fat dip is a great way to save calories.

• Exercise - Try to do 35 minutes of cardio the day before and the day of Thanksgiving. Enjoying a game of football on the day of Thanksgiving with your family is better than sitting and watching TV.

Enjoying your Thanksgiving with family and friends does not mean depriving yourself of a great meal. You can eat sensibly without gaining pounds.

Chef Bruce Miller is owner and Executive Chef of Cafe Serene in Livingston, NJ. Chef Bruce is known for his eclectic American Cuisine. Bruce uses the fresh ingredients and pays close to attention to nutrition. In addition to his restaurant and catering services, Chef Bruce provides Personal Chef Services to clients that need customized attention to special dietary needs. Bruce has been a featured Chef in "Cooking Smart Magazine" and has been been an editorial contributer for local newspapers. In addition, he has his own cooking show "Cooking with B2" which airs in over 75 cities.

Chef Bruce Miller graduated at the top of his class from the New York Restaurant School, and trained under the illustrious Jean-Georges Vongerichten at JoJo Restaurant in Manhattan. Bruce, the former Executive Chef at the Black Horse Tavern in Mendham, was Chef at Girafe Restaurant and Executive Chef at Tre Vigne in Basking Ridge.

Bruce is involved in his community. He donates his time and food to several charitable organizations.

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