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Monday, March 07 2011

The word "casserole" is coined from the French word for saucepan, which is what is often used to create the one-dish casserole meals that we know today. Casseroles are complete meals by themselves, because they are usually made from potatoes or rice, mixed vegetables, meats and cheeses. You get a healthy and delicious combination of carbohydrates and proteins.

In the early days, people used earthenware for cooking and casseroles back then were mainly made from a mixture of pounded rice and meats. It was only in the 1950s when casseroles became popular in the US and Canada due to the mass production of affordable glass cooking ware.

Glassware manufacturers were smart enough to include chicken casserole recipes and other chicken breast recipes in their products as marketing come-ons. Soon, homemakers all over the country were cooking chicken breast recipes regularly, which later on became traditional meals among North American families.

Besides being lured by marketing campaigns for chicken casseroles, homemakers back then and now find it more practical to serve these meals because ingredients used for casseroles are affordable. There is a wide variety of ingredients to choose from and the ingredients can easily be adjusted to feed small or large families. Chicken casseroles became the main fare especially during gatherings for family and other group celebrations because they are inexpensive, easy to prepare, healthy and tasty.

One of the most loved casserole recipes is the chicken and stuffing casserole. This type of casserole started to be quite popular during the 1950s, and has since then enjoyed interesting variations through the decades. A chicken and stuffing casserole is easy to prepare - you only need to mix the ingredients and bake them. It usually has two layers - the top layer has the stuffing or cheese and the bottom layer will have the chicken pieces and vegetables. These days, most cooks prefer to use condensed soup to enhance flavor and to make cooking time shorter.

Chicken casserole recipes have also evolved to become more health-friendly, with much emphasis on the use of more vegetables, less fat and only white chicken meat, to create a meal that is both nutritious and low in calories. Chicken casseroles are great meals for those who would want to serve nutritious and tasty meals to their families, yet avoid the hassle of spending too much time in the kitchen.

A shift to healthier recipes is the trend these days in family nutrition. Choosing the right meals to serve your family is important to their health. Chicken casseroles provide a good option for those who would want to limit their calories and yet still enjoy a nutritious and delicious meal. Today, different variations of chicken casseroles are served in homes and restaurants everyday and they will continue to be part of family traditions in the years to come.

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