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Wednesday, February 23 2011

Many years ago, many people did not know about something called bacteria and no one had refrigerators to keep their food fresh. Nowadays, with scientists and others looking into the effects that spoiled food has on our bodies, packaging our food in the right has become a major priority in food safety. We all have to make sure that they food in our fridges are not too old and packaged properly with a tight, sealed lid. Restaurants must exercise extreme caution when they keep food. They always give out wax packaging as to go containers so that food does not spill and food is shipped to restaurants in seafood packaging and poultry boxes.

Food cannot always be prepared right where it is served. Some types of fish are not available in different parts of the country, so it must be shipped across many states. When this has to happen, the ones who package this food up need to make sure that the trucks are cold enough to ship the food. If the cooling systems in the trucks are not operating properly, it could ruin the entire load and cost a lot of money. The truck drivers need to constantly make sure that the cooling systems are working properly. Depending on how long it takes to ship the food, you would not want raw meat sitting in a warm truck for hours at a time. If a restaurant got spoiled meat and they did not know that it had been sitting in a warm area, they could serve it and get many of their customers sick.

Restaurants also cannot possibly predict the precise number of people who are going to serve a specific product. Usually, they have to buy large quantities so that they do not run out. They should pay very close attention to dates. By marking dates on all food, they can keep track of when they got it and when it needs to be served by. If there is any food leftover after a certain amount of time, it should be thrown out. There are ways to package food so that you can keep it fresh for longer, but no food lasts forever and if it is not being used in the time that it is fresh, it is best to get rid of it.

Since companies have to deal with liability issues, they have to be very careful. When the customer takes the food home, it is up to them to store the food properly, but when they are at a sit down restaurant or any restaurant, it is the responsibility of the business to make sure that the customers are safe and given food that will not harm them.

Boxes that are made specifically for poultry and fish are great when small restaurants need to purchase meats and need them shipped a long way. These meats can spoil in as little as under an hour if it is not kept in the correct environment while being carried from place to place.

Author Stewart Wrighter writes about wax packaging and other forms of packaging. He searched the term seafood packaging to find where he can purchase some containers online.

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