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Friday, February 18 2011

There is a saying "our body is our temple and we need to take proper care of it to lead a healthy life". Good food habits are the basic to build your body and lead a happy and healthy life. In this technological world everything is machine made and food items also didn't escape from it. Once you find the foods that are healthy to you, you need to look at your food habits. The closer a food is to its natural state; the better it is for you. Vegetables have lot of minerals and vitamins in it so eat more green, yellow and orange vegetable. Healthy foods make your immune system strong and make you feel strong, fresh and great all time. Unhealthy foods lead to various disorders and cause obesity. Understanding about the nutrients and their benefits and their food sources belonging to each nutrient will help you to pick up the right foods to be included in your diet. Certain nutrients are good for growth, certain nutrients are good to reduce weight naturally and certain nutrients are good to reduce the deficiencies in the body and help you to look great.

To know how healthy you are asking some questions to yourself like, how healthy am I? Do I have a healthy diet? Do I drink enough amount of water? And Do I sleep for enough time? Will help you to know about your health and analyze your diet. Life is very beautiful and all are willing to enjoy it up to the maximum without any health problem. Ok, now a question may strike in your mind how I can lead healthy life right. It's very simple and easy, follow some of the good healthy food recipes and you can lead a good healthy life. Good health does not come just with good food habits and exercise but also with positive mental health.

Healthy food recipe is a term used for foods that have low fat and sugar content.

Here are some of the recipes for healthy food:

- Eat food items rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. These food items are good anti-oxidants and they fight against aging. They reduce the risk of skin cancer and heart disease. 
- Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday 
- Get enough sleep. Lack of sleeping cause premature aging in you. 
- Do meditation. It helps to keep your mind and soul fresh 
- Eat more fruits like guava, papaya, strawberries, etc... 
- Ear more vegetables like carrot, beans, etc... 
- Say no to oily food.

The list goes on and now I will stop here with my list. Follow all these food recipes and you will find a difference. Eat a variety of food to get all the vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy.

Share some of the good health habits with your friends and lead a healthy life. The author is an expert on health advice and has written many articles on the topic healthy foods.

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