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Monday, February 14 2011

For dinner on a special occasion or on that important date, whenever we have a need to celebrate or impress, more often than not it is French restaurants we turn to. So strong is our trust in its power to pamper and tantalize our gastronomical senses. But not many realize that most of the credit for French cuisine, the way we know and love it today goes to a single man- Auguste Escoffier who revolutionized the world of haute cuisine about a hundred years ago. His methods have formed the foundation for modern French cooking and in fact many of the dishes we enjoy today are Escoffier recipes.

I am sure you will agree with me that a dish can taste only as good as the sauce it is served with. The importance of sauces in any cuisine cannot be stressed enough as it is the source of flavor for its dishes. The fact that one half of all sauces we use today are rooted in Escoffier recipes (the other half being creations Antoine Careme, Escoffier's guru), demonstrates the extent of Escoffier's influence in French cuisine.

Escoffier is also responsible for the creation of several dishes commonly found on the menu including the likes of ox tail soup and crepes suzette. He had a particular fascination with naming recipes after his famous guests. It may have been a marketing strategy-- an attempt to create novelty in the menu piquing the curiosity of customers at his restaurant. Whatever may be his motives, it has left us with several fantastic dishes with amusing names and stories behind them. Be it the Peach Melba, named after the famous soprano Nellie Melba or Tournedos Rossini in homage to the Italian composer, Gioacchino Rossini. He is also famous for the Cuisses de Nymphe Aurore, a dish he created for the Prince of Wales.

It is said that by the time he retired the count on Escoffier recipes had crossed 10,000. So it is safe to say whether it is in the Marie Rose sauce your prawns are served with or the Melba toast that is served with your soup, the next time you go out to enjoy a French meal, you are sure to find Auguste Escoffier somewhere in it.

For more information on escoffier recipes see the escoffier recipes here.

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