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Wednesday, February 09 2011

It seems that every season of the year offers opportunities for family gatherings or potluck meals with family and friends. When deciding what to prepare for these events, choosing to take a casserole would be an excellent choice. You can easily find some very simple casserole recipes that are absolutely delicious and visually impressive when placed on a buffet or dining table. Even if find cooking a challenge, you can find a casserole recipe that's so easy and delicious everyone will think you are quite talented in the kitchen.

When serving a casserole as a side dish, it is important to choose a casserole recipe that is seasonal. There are a few traditional casserole favorites associated with autumn and winter. A green bean casserole is a traditional favorite at family meals and social gathering during the holidays. Another favorite autumn and winter vegetable is the sweet potato. Sweet potato casseroles are easy to make. You can take a basic sweet potato casserole recipe and make it a personalized side dish by adding a variety of ingredients that you find healthy and delicious. Corn casseroles and broccoli casseroles are also popular winter time side dishes.

When preparing meals for your family or dishes for a summer social gathering, there are various summer vegetables that are the basic ingredient for delicious casseroles. There are numerous recipes available for squash casseroles. You have a lot of flexibility with these recipes. You can use various types of fresh summer squash and include an assortment of fresh herbs in the recipe. Eggplant casseroles are also popular during the summer. Tomatoes aren't just for sandwiches. Tomato casseroles are a healthy, delicious summer time side dish. Once again the versatility of casserole recipes allows you to add a variety of ingredients to a basic recipe. You can add fresh basil, oregano, thyme, or various other herbs to the casserole. You can also include an assortment of your favorite cheeses in the recipe.

Potatoes are a favorite year-round vegetable. Potato casserole recipes are abundant. Casseroles can be made using baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, and hash brown potatoes. You can also incorporate other vegetables such as green peas or broccoli into a potato casserole.

Casseroles are the perfect side dish because they are easy to make and there is versatility in most recipes.

Casseroles are true comfort food. We have put together a collection of delicious casserole recipes that will satisfy the hearty appetite; and that can be served for holidays, special occasions and everyday dining. Find the perfect casserole recipe from our growing selection of appetizers, side dishes, and entrees.

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