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Thursday, January 27 2011

Holiday seasons are great for parties and get-togethers. To prevent difficult recipes and the dread of having to clean-up afterwards, finger foods are a great part of any celebration or gathering. If you are looking around for some ideas whether it be for Christmas, Thanksgivings, birthdays or weddings, the following recipes can add to your list of skilled appetizers.

Mini sandwiches

These are usually the most popular and can be made with all sorts of ingredients. The best thing about sandwiches are that they are easy to make as the bread can be easily and abundantly found at your local supermarket or bakery, no actual "cooking" is involved and you can mix and match ingredients to give the food a more attractive look and therefore more appealing to your guests.

You may decide to give your platter of sandwiches more appealing by making a mix of wholemeal bread as well as white bread. This also allows your guests to choose what they like. Not everyone like white bread and not everyone is fond of wholemeal bread.

Next you need to work on the choice of fillers. Once again you can choose from a vast variety of ingredients to make your sandwich platter fit in with the occasion. Include beetroot, lettuce, tomatoes, ham, chicken, cheese, eggs, avocado...and the list goes on.

Mini quiches

An all time favorite, you can't go wrong with these little tasteful pies. Like the sandwiches you can combine all types of ingredients to deliver the best tasting quiches to your guests. A little more work is required though to cook these, but quiche recipes are often simple and the oven does all the work.

Mini Pizzas

Along with the sandwiches and quiches, pizzas are another finger food that can deliver great taste to your guests. It is quite easy to buy the pizza base from your local supermarket. Your job would then be to decorate the pizzas in a way you desire. The ideas are limitless.

Cherries and Nuts - Glazed

This delightful mixture is great for those who are not really there to eat and just like to nibble on some foods through socializing. Firstly, you mix the sugar, corn syrup and water together on a stove until nicely melted and blended, then add some butter and vanilla extract. Once done you can pour this over the cherries and nuts in a small baking pan to be ovened. This can be then poured onto a cookie sheet, tamped down and baked.

These are just a few ideas and you can easily find the recipes for these dishes on the Internet or your favorite cookbooks. Finger food is always a good idea when you have friends over and allows you to show off your cooking skills.

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