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Wednesday, January 19 2011

When one thinks of their favorite cuisine, the top choices that would probably come to mind would be Italian, Japanese, American, and Asian cuisine. These are the major and most popular cuisines and they can be found in almost every country. While each country will have its own take or its own interpretation of the dishes, nothing beats authentic recipes. Italian cuisine is known all over the world and is enjoyed by people of all ages. While the kids love spaghetti, adults are enjoying serving after serving of ravioli and smooth Italian wine. The history of Italian cuisine is as colorful and rich as its flavor. One cannot have pasta and wine and not call it Italian cuisine - it is as distinctive and as popular as the country it originated from.

Italian cuisine is considered one of the oldest cuisines in the world. The current Italian menus and recipes have its roots from Roman and Greek cuisine. When tomatoes were initially grown in France, people began cooking up salsa de pomodoro. The recipe for pomodoro sauce nowadays is still almost exactly like the pomodoro sauce of the old years. The Italians pastas and noodles are believed to have been adapted by Italian merchants upon their travel to Asia. The travels of the locals to the Far East have introduced the use of spices and herbs to Italian cooking.

Pasta is the most common dish and is a staple in the Italian region. Made of durum wheat, it is one of the main sources of carbohydrates and fiber in their meals. Pizza also originated from Italy, although some may mistake it as an American dish. Italy also houses some of the most expansive vineyards in the world, making them one of the top producers of quality Italian wines.

Some cuisines are regional based. Milan is famous for their risotto, while Naples seems to have perfected the authentic Italian pizza recipe. Because of their geographical location, the coastal regions are heavy on their use of fish and seafood on their recipes. Sicily can be tasted with a bit of North African influence, while Umbria has western influence.

Italian cuisine has come a long way but its taste is truly distinct and exciting as ever before. During special occasions and celebrations, there comes Italian influence in one way or another. Whether serving tomato and mozzarella for appetizer, or having risotto on the second course, Italian influence can be felt no matter where you may be in the world. These menus are complete, healthy, and full of flavor. So next time you visit an Italian restaurant and get a taste of their gelato, tortellini or risotto, relish the rich history of Italy and its cuisine. Italians truly revere their heritage and it reflects in their homes, their lifestyle and in their cooking. The freshness of ingredients and not placing substitute ingredients in their recipes are what makes Italian cooking truly uncompromising. They will not settle for anything but the true Italian taste.

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