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Monday, November 29 2010

It's not everyday that people can enjoy a meal at a fine dining restaurant. In fact, some people never get a chance to go to such establishments due to budgetary concerns. Not only that, those restaurants are often a fair distance away from most people, and thus they could be inconvenient to travel to as well. What if you could recreate those culinary delights in your own kitchen? You can when you stock it with Alaska dungeness crab. From start to finish, you really can't go wrong with that amazing seafood delicacy.

It starts when it's plucked from the pristine waters off the coast of Alaska. Just like all the other delicious seafood up there, Alaska dungeness crab is wild-caught, which means it will be allowed to feed, grow and mature in its natural environment before being harvested. In the end, it will feature a superior taste and texture that farm-bred varieties can't come close to matching. Additionally, the Alaskan seafood industry is adamant about sustainability, which future generations of producers and consumers will be thankful for. Current consumers will also be thankful for that because they'll be able to buy and eat their seafood without feeling any sort of guilt or worry.

Alaska dungeness crab is also extremely convenient because it can be bought frozen. Any fears that it loses its flavor when stored that way will immediately be put to rest as soon as the final product is tasted. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that having frozen crab at the ready will make a fine dining caliber meal easily accessible. Cooking it is a simple matter of steaming it as the directions on the bag specify. If you need some help, there's a Cook It Frozen website you can visit as well as a Cook It Frozen iPhone application that you can download. Although cooking it is sometimes considered the hard part, with those kinds of resources in your corner you'll have no problems preparing it just right.

The benefits don't stop with the exquisite flavor your taste buds are going to experience. Alaska dungeness crab is also good for your health because it's an excellent source of high quality protein, zinc, copper, calcium, and more. At the same time, it's low in fat and calories. Ultimately, it's food you can enjoy as often as you want. Being available year-round, enjoying it as often as you want is a realistic possibility too.

Thanks to its exquisite taste, it's pretty clear why Alaska dungeness crab is featured on the menu of many fine dining restaurants. The only thing that's not clear is why it's not featured on your kitchen's menu more often. Given all the good things that it has going for it, it's really only a matter of time before that changes though. 
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