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Tuesday, October 23 2007

Now that your home is going to be the center of attention this holiday season, it would serve you well to decide what to include on your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu. Before we get into the dinner menu specifics, there is one important fact you must realize. You can't please everyone. But with a little ingenuity and prior planning you can please the people who matter most.

Below you'll find two thanksgiving dinner menu tips that will keep your guest focused on food and not your shortcomings as an event host.

No Surprises Thanksgiving like any major holiday is all about tradition. And for this particular holiday more so than any other, its all about coming together to enjoy some great food and of course to enjoy the company of friends and family as well. Most people will expect traditional thanksgiving dishes such as roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing or dressing, cranberry sauce, homemade bread, desserts etc. You can totally turn off your dinner guest by going against the grain and serving something other than what they're used to being served. This may seem like a no brainier, but you will be surprised how many people will complain if you try to get creative. Just try serving something different, than what most people is use to seeing on a thanksgiving dinner menu and they seem to get crazy.

Lend a Helping Hand Not you, you're doing enough just by being the host of this years thanksgiving dinner event. I'm talking about asking you guest to lend a helping hand. This works to your advantage for many reasons. Anyone who agrees to bring a dish has just taken ownership in helping you make this holiday event pleasant for everyone. Even more important is that you don't have to spend too many hours in the kitchen. This will free up valuable time to focus on other important arrangements.

Just remember, the two keys to a successful holiday event are getting your guest (only those who can cook) involved and no surprises. Now you just need to get your recipes in order.

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I just downloaded all the recipes I plan to cook for thanksgiving dinner at
Posted by Mike on 10/28/2007 - 10:53 AM

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