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Monday, October 22 2007
It has also been proven that sometimes, eating a vegetarian meal diet can help to cure these diseases. A vegetarian is also less likely to be overweight than a non-vegetarian.

There are three main reason why many people become vegetarians, these are because they do not agree with the way that animals are treated, they simply do not like the texture or taste of meat or because it contains a high amount of cholesterol. But many people become vegetarians for a whole array of different reasons.

Vegetarians eat much more antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotenes and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are components that are found in plants that help to prevent diseases. Antioxidants lower the chances of getting heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

Eating red meat can increase the risk of cancer of the breast and colon, or heart disease and strokes. It is proven that meat eaters have much higher rates of cancer than vegetarians.

It is recommended that a healthy diet should consist of getting 30% of total calories from fat and no more than 10% of total calories from saturated fat. 55% of total calories should come from complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruit, grains and cereals.

Studies show that some Americans eat five times as much protein as is recommended because they eat large amounts of meat. Excessive intake of protein can take calcium from the bones, which in effect can cause bone disorder.

It is important to get enough leafy vegetables that are high in antioxidants, which are good for overall health.

Listed below are some good reasons why a person should revert to being a vegetarian.

Vegetarians live longer
Eating more plant foods leaves less room for meat, which clogs up arteries
Plant foods are much higher in iron
Vegetarians have a lower risk of being diabetic
Food poisoning commonly starts from meat or poultry
There is a wider range of fruits and vegetables than there are animals
Eating a plant based diet guards the body against diseases
Vegetarians eat more fiber
Studies show that vegetarians are much calmer and spiritual than meat eaters
Vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts offer our bodies the nourishment that it needs
Vegetarians are more compassionate
Constipation is less likely in vegetarians

It is important to remember to:

1. Eat foods that are mainly from plant sources.
2. Do not eat too much salt or sugar.
3. Eat a minimum of six servings of grains, breads and pastas.
4. Eat a minimum of five servings of vegetables and fruits.

There are a wide variety of low calorie, vegetarian dishes available, which will benefit your body and make you a much healthier and happier person.
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