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Thursday, July 22 2010

If you are a lover of some of the worlds most luxury foods then you may wish to take a look at our list of some of the very best and most expensive foods to be found around the globe.

First on our list is one of the worlds most expensive spices used in cooking - saffron. This spice comes from the crocus flower, originally from Greece but now grown in other parts of the world where it brings a high price. This colorful and well-loved spice has been used for over three thousand years in food preparation and for the medicinal values it has. In the past saffron has been worth more than gold and was used as a currency.

White truffles are highly regarded as a luxury and one of the very best foods in the world due to its rich aroma and intense flavor. The truffles, a type of mushroom are found underground at the roots of certain types of trees where pigs or dogs unearth them.

One of the worlds most expensive caviars is Almas, this means diamond, which is an excellent name for this luxury food of the very best. In the Caspian Sea is the Beluga sturgeon and this is where the very best caviar comes from. This luxury food is the choice of royalty and the rich and famous and is typically associated with luxury and fine dining. The older the caviar the better the flavor, typically this form of caviar comes from Iran.

A luxury beef that you would not want to miss, Kobe beef. This beef is reared very strictly in Japan and the cattle from which the beef comes are treated with the very best care. It is said that they are fed a special diet and are given massages and are brushed on a regular basis in order to keep them stress free. By doing so, the cattle produces luxury beef that is said to be among the very best in the world with a rich flavor, tender and a marbling of fat that is heavy.

Birds nest soup is among the worlds very best foods when it comes to cost. This dish is often called the caviar of the east and the nests are the expensive part of this dish. They are made from the spit of birds and finding the nests is very tricky, which means they come with a very high price. Typically, the nests come in a variety of colors and the Chinese value them for their medicinal benefits. The blood red coloring in nests is the most prized and therefore, coveted the most.

Mary Louise enjoys writing about the very best in luxury products, services and people

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