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Tuesday, July 20 2010

There are few cultural cuisines that can fulfill the requirements of "comfort food" better than Italian food. Italian dishes are colorful, bright, and inviting for family style dining that all will look forward to. Known for fresh, wholesome ingredients, the air wafting from the Italian kitchen is filled with a savory aroma that is unequaled for whetting the appetite. It is easily understandable why Italian food is a favorite the world over.

A visit to a fine Italian restaurant is an adventure in cultural tastes and flavors, with Italian dishes reflecting the historical influences of a variety of regions. Each regional dish features distinctive flavors from fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared with cooking techniques unique to each region, reminiscent of their humble, peasant beginnings. Fish and seafood dishes offer a taste of the Mediterranean, as prepared in Italy's coastal regions, healthy and deliciously prepared from the freshest ingredients. North African and Arab influences can be detected in Sicilian regional dishes, along with the blending of cuisines of early Greek settlers and later French and Spanish influences. Fine spices, wines, and exotic ingredients were introduced by the Roman ships that traveled the world that quickly became incorporated into Italian dishes.

The best known and most widely enjoyed of Italian dishes is, of course, the pizza. Excavations from Pompeii revealed pizza recipes from the 1st Century AD using ingredients still used today on contemporary pizzas. Today's pizza standard was established by the "Pizza Margherita" as prepared for Italy's Queen Margherita di Savoia in 1889. At that time, pizza was sold for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the street of Naples with the popular dish emigrating to the United States with Italian immigrants in the 19th century.

From the popular pizza and beer to a Veal Capriccion served with a rich, red wine, every member of the family will be delighted with the selections of the welcoming Italian table.

Casalinga Ristorante Italiano is the premier restaurant among all Raleigh Italian restaurants because food is prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients and exhibit true Italian taste. (

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