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Tuesday, July 13 2010

What usually comes into your mind, when you talk about recipes? It can be food ingredients, can be a formula of cooking, or a set of instructions on how to cook. Either way, common sense would simply tell us that it is all about FOOD.

All over the world, cultures and traditions may vary from one place to another. The complexity and variations of each belief makes it more pleasing and interesting to discuss and this include foods. Cuisine becomes a major part of unifying the realm of one culture. Thus, what comprises to a significant culture is not only base on the beauty of beaches, traditions, architectural buildings and arts, and people but it also include foods.

This is what happens to Cuba, many people visit the place because of beautiful beaches, arts, traditions in terms of music and festivals and of course because of Cuban cuisine. Yes, majority of people spend vacations or holidays in the island because they are quite curious of what is it like eating a Cuban recipes. If by any chance, you can not visit and spend your vacation on the island, you can always try searching online. Cuban recipes have a superb rich or spicy dishes. The island offers an scrumptious and nutritious foods to all people - from the main course, desserts down to appetizers. To name few talk-of-town Cuban recipes, they are the following:

Cuban Famous Traditional Dishes 

  • Sofrito
  • Moros y Cristianos (Black beans and rice)
  • Arroz con Pollo (yellow rice with chicken)
  • Ropa Vieja (a shredded beef)
  • Cuban Sandwiches
  • Picadillo (Cuban Beef Hash)
  • Ajiaco
  • Ensalada Cubana Tipica (Cuban Salad)
  • Fufu de platano
  • Cuban-style Stuffed Roast Meat 

Cuban Famous Traditional Desserts 

  • Cuban Flan or Creme Caramel
  • Cuban Boniatillo (Sweet Potato Pudding)
  • Cubans Coconut, Guanabanas, Guayabas and Mantecados Ice cream
  • Rice pudding (Arroz Con Leche) 

Knowing the Cuban recipes will help you appreciate the place. Good foods certainly count for a lot. People in Cuba have an excellent chefs, they knows how to give a recipe with an extra punch which makes it more special. The Cuban kitchen is filled with honest, flavorful food which is prepared in a host of interesting ways.

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