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Friday, July 02 2010
 A lot of cooks at heart lack the skills of chefs. However, you absolutely love to create in the kitchen. I will provide you with proven techniques that will allow your passion for cooking to compliment your lack of skill. By the end of this article you will learn that a perfect cook is simply a cook with passion.

One thing that keeps cooks in the kitchen is they enjoy what they do. However, there are some times that first time recipes or big dinner parties get the best of us. This could be a result of several things but a good cook shouldn't let it keep them away from the kitchen. When cooking find out what your strengths are, if you are great with pairing flavors concentrate on that. If you find yourself gifted enough to turn a dinner napkin into a custom centerpiece put a little more focus on that. Whatever you are gifted in lend yourself to that gift.

As a cook you have to realize that every dish that you make will not meet your expectation. In most scenarios you are the only one that is disappointed with the results. You have to remember that you are your worst critic. So don't spend time sulking over the chicken that is a little too dry, put that energy into making the side dishes extra special or even creating a sauce that will moisten up that dry chicken. Always have confidence when preparing and presenting your dishes. If you believe that the dish is great your guest will follow suit, confidence is the key.

Preparation is essential in creating successful dishes. Unless your refrigerator is connected to a 24 hour grocery then it is necessary to take time and plan out your dishes. Review the steps needed to prepare the dish from start to finish. Ensure you have all the ingredients that you will need, never assume that you still have that nutmeg in the cabinets, check and make sure. You would hate to be in the middle of preparing a dish only to realize that you are missing an essential ingredient all because of an assumption.

These techniques are just some things that have worked for me. However, there are many other things that you can try that can help you to surpass some hang ups that you may encounter while creating in the kitchen. Also try to remember that even the "professionals" don't always have perfect dishes either so don't compare your dishes with theirs. You are your worst critic your guest won't notice your mistakes if you don't make them obvious. And always emphasize your gifts, by dedicating more time to things you are skilled at it will attract less on your problem areas. Preparation is a solid foundation for a successful dish.

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Jacqueise Miller 

I am the creator of Tasty Addiction Bakery the place where "Passion and Pastry become one." I have had a passion for pastry since I had a pacifier. I was filling the house with sweet aromas from my easy bake oven since the young age of 4 and haven't stopped baking since. I take the ordinary gift giving experience and make it extraordinary. I do this with the recipe of success that includes my love for pastry and your love for the recipient. I create homemade gourmet baked goods from my heart to the recipients' home.

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