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Thursday, October 18 2007
No one should miss the opportunity to sit down to a dinner of fresh shellfish. Living near a coastline would obviously be the easiest way to enjoy such a dinner. Although residents of inland communities may not have as easy access, they may step out to the local fishmonger or restaurant in the area specializing in fresh shellfish who likely have their produce shipped in fresh on a daily basis. A more convenient option is to purchase fresh shellfish from a reputable online store. As Fedex offers overnight delivery within the continental US, you can enjoy a fresh seafood meal on a regular basis without having to settle for the poor substitute of a frozen entree.

Lobster is, of course, the greatest dish among all seafood. However, the first person to try and eat one must have been courageous, and they were not popular for many years. A little known fact is that lobster, though now an expensive delicacy, was once the food of the lower class. Though this is true, it's probably of little consolation when one has to pay $11.95 per pound in stores, or as much as $29.95 in a restaurant. Most times, it's best to order lobster online to ensure that you are getting it as fresh as possible. That way, one can order it fresh from the coast on which it was caught and have it shipped direct, even to the deserts of Arizona.

When preparing lobster at home purchase one live and kicking from your local fish market or seafood counter and bring them home. Be certain not to store them in fresh water as that will kill them, just seal them up in the fridge and plan to at them that evening as lobster doesn't keep very well.

This is the difficult thing. Depressingly, every lobster will sacrifice him or herself for your dinner, and you are the person to cause this occurrence. In order to be as humane as possible, you may release them into a pot of fiercely boiling water, or you can kill them first by sticking a knife swiftly between the body and the head in order to instantly kill them. Selecting the latter option means steaming them in a smaller quantity of water. Grilling your lobster is also an option.

When it's time to enjoy some lobster, don't be shy or hold back. Add the lemon and the butter that taste so good and enjoy the delicious meat within the shell. You may even find the edible tomalley or red roe within the shell as well as an extra treat.

Lobster doesn't have to be the only dish served at this kind of ocean-themed meal. Fresh shellfish such as mussels, steamer clams, oysters, shrimp and crayfish are all delicious ways to enjoy the gifts of the sea. Mussels are excellent when scrubbed and steamed in water, wine or broth. Steamer clams are dipped in their own broth after steaming to remove any remaining sand. Oysters are perhaps the most versatile of all, being popular fried, baked and even raw.

If these kinds of seafood are all still somewhat frightening, there is another choice for the light hearted. The option of going into your grocer and purchasing a bit of clam chowder is always open. Fresh fish isn't bad either, but you'll still get that briny taste of the ocean. Serve with oyster crackers, a dash of cream and lots of ground black pepper. Lastly, enjoy and pretend your on the beach.

A delicious dish of fresh shellfish is a pleasure available now to all of us, thanks to reputable online vendors, who send fresh seafood overnight anywhere in the continental USA. However, the king of seafood is undeniably lobster and you can get fresh ones through online vendors who ship them from the coast. To cook at home, buy it live and cook and eat on the same day. It can be boiled, steamed or grilled and eat with lemon and butter added for that delicious taste. Other seafood to savor includes mussels, clams, oysters, shrimp, crayfish and langoustines, not to forget clam chowder for soup and fresh fish.

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