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Tuesday, June 01 2010
 People in Italy begin the day with breakfast and this is known as "colazione." A traditional breakfast there is similar to a French, Spanish, or Greek breakfast. Milky coffee, bread with butter and jelly and cookies are popular. Children drink hot milk with a tiny bit of coffee, milk by itself of hot chocolate. Fruit compote, yogurt, muesli and breakfast cereals are becoming more popular there too.

Lunch is the heartiest meal in Italy and it is served between noon and 2PM. There will normally be an appetizer such as cheese, cold meats, olives or bread and dips, followed by a first course. This will be something like ravioli, risotto, spaghetti or pasta, soup or crepes. The second course is fish or meat. Next comes dessert and finally fruit with pistachios or another kind of nut on the side. Meals today tend to be shorter and smaller but the locals still enjoy large lunches with their families when they do get time.

A mid-afternoon snack is popular and this might be nuts, cookies, raisins, mousse, fruit, yogurt, or something similar. Dinner is lighter than lunch and might be soup, risotto, salad or lunch leftovers. Dinner is eaten somewhere between 7.30 and 9.30PM.

Food from Italy Found Overseas

Pasta and pizza are probably the best known dishes from Italy in the United States and United Kingdom. Lasagna, spaghetti Bolognese and ragu are especially well loved. A lot of Italy-American recipes are based on Sicilian recipes but they are Americanized to appeal to local tastes. A lot of pizza recipes outside Italy are thicker than Italian ones with more toppings. Fettuccine alfredo and Chicago-style pizzas are popular throughout the United States.

Italian food is well loved in Brazil because of the Italian immigration in the early twentieth century. In Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo you will easily be able to find pizza restaurants. An Italian inspired dish called "Milanesa a la Napolitana" is popular in South America and this comes with French fries. Venezuelan ciabatta, Sicilian bread, and Sicilian cannoli are well loved in Venezuela.

You will also find plenty of foods from Italy in Argentina because of all the immigrants there. Milanesas, which are breaded meats, are popular there, and so is pizza. Argentinean pizzas are similar to calzones. You can also get Argentinean gnocchi.

There are Italian colonies in Libya, Ethiopia, and Somalia, which explains why there is some Italian influence in the cuisines of these African regions. Libya used to be an Italian colony and pasta still features heavily in Libyan menus. Bazin is a Libyan specialty and this hard paste is made with salt, water, and barley. Batata mubatana is a spiced, ground meat-filled potato, which is then covered with breadcrumbs and egg.

There are immigrants from Italy in a lot of major South African cities and well loved foods from Italy like cheese and ham are imported. There is at least one good Italian restaurant in every South African city. Pasta is enjoyed in South Africa and olive oil is produced there, to accompany these recipes.

Fans of Italian food might enjoy discovering more about different types of pizza and maybe even making some easy pizza recipes at home. You Make the Pizza, We Help You Make It Great!

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