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Monday, December 03 2007
With the holiday season comes the dieters’ greatest fear, the calorie-laden party food. There are many tips and ideas out there about how dieters can avoid weight gain during the holiday season. Suggestions like filling up on sensible food, eating smaller portions, cutting the alcohol and exercising more. These are all wonderful, helpful tips, but even with the best intentions the temptations can be overwhelming, especially at holiday parties where the peer pressure to over eat makes dieting harder.

Just because it’s a holiday party doesn’t mean that all of the food has to be laden with calories and fat. The thoughtful host should consider adding some healthy and delicious holiday foods to their party spread this year. Instead of weighing down the party with the usual high-calorie fare, guests can be treated to some delicious dishes and desserts with fewer calories but all the taste.

Here are a few holiday recipes that are perfect for parties but without all of the extras that can hurt a dieter’s weight loss plan.

Low Fat Chicken Spread

1 ½ lbs chicken breasts, skinned
¼ (8oz) package light cream cheese, softened
1 tbsp reduced calorie mayonnaise
1 tbsp grated onion
1 tbsp sweet pickle juice
½ c finely chopped celery
Dash of curry powder
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
½ tbsp chopped pimiento
Dash of hot sauce
Dash of garlic powder
Vegetable cooking spray
Leaf lettuce

Cook chicken in water until tender. Remove from broth, reserving 2 tbsp broth; cool. Bone chicken and chop fine. Set aside. Combine cream cheese and mayo, beating until smooth; add next 9 ingredients, and mix well. Stir in chicken and reserved broth. Lightly coat four ½ cup molds or one 2 cup mold with cooking spray; press in chicken mixture and chill. Unmold on lettuce lined plate; garnish with radishes if desired. Serve with Melba toast, party crackers or veggies. Calories: About 22 calories per tablespoon.

Crab Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes Appetizer

36 cherry tomatoes
salt ¼ c low fat cottage cheese
1 ½ tsp minced onion
1 ½ tsp lemon juice
½ tsp prepared horseradish
Dash of garlic salt
½ lb fresh crabmeat, drained and flaked
¼ c minced celery
1 tbsp finely chopped green pepper

Cut top off each tomato; scoop out pulp. Sprinkle inside of tomato with salt, and invert on paper towels to drain. Place cottage cheese in blender and blend until smooth. Add next 4 ingredients, blending well. Stir in remaining ingredients. Spoon crabmeat mixture into tomatoes. Chill before serving. Makes 36 appetizers. Calories: About 12 calories each.
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