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Thursday, February 25 2010

Everyone likes to eat and when the food is fresh and freshly prepared in front of your eyes and you can smell it cooking when the bell rings it is time to eat. What else can cooking do for you? Chefs in general have learned a talent with cooking food and also have a way of working with others. There will always be more than one person in a kitchen at the restaurant. If they were not able to work with others then they obviously have picked the wrong career or would need to find a way to work alone.

They work in teams so it natural that they might offer team building cooking classes. It would be fun to learn to work together and not on a work project but on a fun project called "lunch". Cooking classes have been known to be great stress relievers because cooking can be calming. If you were in a team it would not work if people were raising their voices or trying to take over tasks because then things would not get completed and the food would not be cooked properly at the same time. It would become frustrating and defeat the purpose of the event.

One other advantage of a cooking class is at the end you are able to eat what you make and you can reproduce it. It gives you satisfaction to learn and it may be something you enjoy without knowing it. Cooking classes for a team building event is a nice way to build moral between management and subordinates as they work together toward a common goal. No one is in charge except for the chef. They have a big job, they teach, train, entertainment and keep things on track too. The one main goal in the end though is to show you that you can work as a team.

Cooking classes may also be something to share with a spouse or child, they offer several classes in the community and maybe if you attended an event it may be something to consider pursuing with that person. It could be considered your quality time and it would be a time that no one gets upset and it would be fun.

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