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Tuesday, November 03 2009

A thanksgiving dinner may be synonymous to an informal party; however, you still do the same thing when hosting a formal party: planning. Preparation for a party is important. It determines the would-be result of the occasion. Therefore, do not fail to make a careful preparation. If you have no idea on how to go about this, check the list below to help you:

1.    Make sure that you have bought everything in advance. Make a grocery list and divide it into two groups: one week and one day before the dinner party. For the "one week" list, buy supplies or items, such as napkins, canned goods, paper plates (if necessary), and cups, that you can buy a week before without worrying about them being spoiled. For the "one day" list, buy items that require freshness, such as chicken and meat products.  

2.    If you have desserts, make sure that you have already prepared them a day before to give them enough time to freeze or chill. Remember, visitors always look forward to desserts. 

3.    Make it a healthy dinner. Remember, with so many people now becoming health conscious, it is but right to serve your visitors a dinner that promotes a healthy lifestyle. For the others who are unmindful of their health, you may also help them achieve a realization that it is high time to become aware about healthy living.

4.    Wake up early on the day of the Thanksgiving dinner. Because if you wake up late, you will surely cram up because you still have so many chores to organize.

5.    It is also important that you look best during your Thanksgiving dinner. You should not expect that your visitors will understand you if you seem stressful and haggard all because of all the preparations you did for them. To make sure that you will not be put in this same position, see to it that everything is ready four hours or so before the party; thereby, giving you enough time to relax, enjoy your bath, and look yourself best.

6.    You should not forget this: clean your place. All your hard work will go to waste if your home is not ready in time for your party because it is cluttered with stuffs. Ask some people to help you come up with a dirt-free home. Put some decorations, if necessary. For one, buy fresh flowers and do not forget to replace your ordinary curtains with special ones.

7.    Set the table an hour or two before the expected arrival of your visitors. The moment guests arrive, they only expect a few minutes of smiling and greeting, and off they go to eat. Thus, it is important that the table is already set. 

These are just simple tips for preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, but these tips will contribute a lot in the success of the occasion. Your visitors will surely reward you with their praises because you have thrown a carefully planned Thanksgiving dinner for them.

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